True Detective Recap 6/28/15 Season 2 Episode 2: Night Finds You

By on June 28, 2015
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Last week’s season premiere of True Detective left more questions than answers, but nonetheless was a good thrilling episode to begin season 2.

'true detective season 2'

From the end of episode one, there is now a plot set around the death of city manager Ben Caspere, which will be investigated for the upcoming episodes. The death of Caspere was not only cruel as shown by his eyes gone from a acid burn, but might be related with casino owner and gangster Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn).

The main question that needs to be solved is the murderer of Caspere for the upcoming episodes right now. However, there are many more questions involved with this case.

Who exactly was city manager Ben Caspere?

Caspere is said to have been working with Semyon on his railroad project idea and he was supposed to be present when Semyon pitched the idea to an investor named Osip. Osip did not accept a deal proposed by Semyon because of Caspere’s absence.

The person or people responsible for Caspere’s death could be enemies of Semyon. Also, now Semyon’s project deal with Osip, faces major issues.

The investigation of Caspere’s death will be taken by Detective Velcoro (Colin Farrell) and Detective Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams), two characters who don’t know each other yet.

So far Velcoro is shown as a corrupt detective who drinks heavily, possibly due to his wife leaving him with his supposed child, Chad. His corruption is shown by his work with Semyon, who he helps in episode 1 by beating up a journalist and stealing his files for Semyon. Will Velcoro’s corrupt work with Semyon now be in jeopardy due to this case?

There is a lot of questions including if the person who raped Velcoro’s wife a long time ago is still unknown. Also is Velcoro’s son Chad, actually his biological son?

Bezzerides doesn’t seem corrupt yet, but does have some issues with drinking as well and she is estranged from her father and sister, while her mother committed suicide a long time ago. We know she doesn’t like their careers, her father being a religious leader and sister a porn actress, but is there more to this family and the problems Bezzerides is having with them?

Also there is more to be found about Officer Paul Woodrugh (Taylor Kitsch), who found Caspere.

Summary of Episode 2:

Episode 2 revolves around finding leads about Caspere’s death, with a very shocking ending.

Detective Bezzerides, Velcoro, and Woodrugh are all assigned on the case after discussion from the LA police, city of Vinci police, and State police department. Bezzerides is selected to┬ábe lead detective with Velcoro behind her, and Woodrugh is taken off leave to assist them as a special investigator since he found Caspere’s body.

Velcoro and Bezzerides find some leads after discovering a calendar in Caspere’s house. They find that Caspere was seeing a psychiatrist every week.

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