UnReal Recap 6/1/5- Series Premiere- Return

By on June 1, 2015
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“UnReal” is being banked as one the hottest new shows of the season as it is scripted reality; I believe I am getting that right. In case you missed some real reality tonight, you can keep up with the “So You Think You Can Dance” premiere here. 


Welcome to a world based on the short film “Sequin Raze.” It is to star Shiri Appleby, Constance Zimmer and Craig Bierko to name a few. You may remember Appleby from the hot show “Roswell,” which has now become a cult phenomenon. Zimmer is no stranger to the limelight as she starred on “Entourage” and will reprise her role in the new movie, coming out this month. Bierko has been a staple on several television shows and is just amazing so this show has to work. It will debut on Lifetime, home of “Dance Moms” and “Kim of Queens” so it is bound to be awesome.

Shiri plays Rachel, an executive on a television show who is really the epic people pleaser. She does not want to take any missteps or get into trouble. It’s a competitive reality dating show and every week, Rachel must find ways to manipulate the show to get the wildest footage possible. Zimmer plays her over-demanding and over-bearing boss, Quinn. The cast of the show has been altered some since the original casting but I think what they have right now will work like a dream. It will be an hour-long premiere, not sure about the episodes ahead. Ten episodes are set for season one so we will see where it goes and if it will last for a season two or get an extended first season.

Is this a show that you are excited to watch or are you looking forward to something else? Still have the new Bruce Jenner in your head? We understand which is why we have you covered.

Keep reading to see if Rachel can ever please Quinn.

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It starts like an overdone version of “The Bachelor” but the directors keep calling cut. Quinn is mad that one of her people chose a black woman for the show and had the audacity to believe that she was wife material. They comment about the President being black but Quinn counters that with him barely being black. Rachel is in the limo with some hopefuls who only complain about having to pee. Rachel exits and they follow her into the house but then she gets to talk to Quinn as it is learned that Rachel is doing community service. No one wants to deal with the girls in the limo while Quinn is walking with Rachel. She is telling her that she should not travel so much according to her therapist.

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