unREAL Recap 6/15/15- Season 1, Ep. 3- Mother

By on June 15, 2015
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“unREAL” is back and this is a show not to be missed. We have an early recap of episode three before it airs tonight at 10p.m. on Lifetime. You can keep up with the premiere season of “unREAL” right here.


Rachel works on a show much like “The Bachelor.” In fact, it is “The Bachelor” with a different name and it is scripted television. She works under Quinn, who is trying to make the best possible television that will get the optimal ratings. The goal is to pit all the girls against one another in order to create story lines that the audience will like. Sadly, Rachel lost her cool at the end of the last season of the reality show and lost her job. But, she was hired back and now has to work with her now engaged fling Jeremy and his fiancee Lizzie. She does not even have a place to live because she never paid her rent as she was broke. When her roomie located her on set, she gave her a time frame to pay up before all her personal information on her laptop would go viral.

Four minutes after the deadline, Rachel got the money for a job well done but it was too late. Footage of her and Jeremy was sent to everyone on the set. On top of that, Quinn is having an affair with head honcho Chet but now his wife is pregnant. As a bribe, he is building a home for Quinn but she is not in the mood for bribes though that is what she is great at. Last week, Anna’s father died and she was so mad that she was not told sooner that she left the show. The bachelor, Adam was able to get her back on the show and they manipulated footage to make her look like a spaz. It was great tv but now Rachel is really questioning her morals.

Up next, Rachel has to ask her mom for money but it comes with strings and Chet gets sick so Quinn rushes to his side.

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