unREAL Recap 6/8/15- Season 1, Ep. 2- Relapse

By on June 8, 2015
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“unREAL” is the hit new show for Lifetime and there is a pretty good reason for it: it is super awesome and entertaining. You can keep up with the series premiere of “unREAL” right here.


The concept of the show is really brilliant. It’s a reality television show similar to “The Bachelor” where the entire production crew creates scenarios for the cast. The main goal is to create scandalous and entertaining television and the more scandal, the more the crew is respected and promoted. Rachel played by Shiri Abbleby lost her job on the show after a meltdown in Mexico on camera. She was also sleeping with one of the camera men, Jeremy but head honcho Quinn knows how dedicated Rachel is to creating a great show. Therefore, she hired her back and has given her the task to screw the ladies on the show in order to make an amazing story line that will keep the show on the air. On top of that, the bachelor knows what is going on and he wants to get with Rachel, which will probably happen.

Rachel really has to sell her soul and become this vicious person in order to keep her job and she will literally do anything and everything. Constance Zimmer, who appears in the new “Entourage” movie, plays Quinn and vindictive super well. She knows exactly how to manipulate her staff to get what she wants while Rachel is dealing with Jeremy¬†getting engaged. He also got his fiancee a job on the show so that makes it even more awkward. We see that the engagement does get called off during the season but we do not know when. Tonight, a¬†family tragedy strikes one of the girls but which one will it be since they all have interesting pasts. Quinn offers a cash bonus to Jay, Shia and Rachel to create the season’s villain out of the remaining girls while Rachel’s old laptop falls into the wrong hands. With that, it threatens to expose intimate details of her past relationship with Jeremy.

Keep reading to see if Rachel can save the day.

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