Video: Jon Stewart Charleston Shooting Monologue – Said ‘We Don’t Do Jack S**t’

By on June 19, 2015
'jon stewart says good bye to daily show'

Jon Stewart opened The Daily Show with a monologue unlike his usual opening monologues. The jokes were missing, the laughs were missing and the funny was missing. Stewart told the audience that his one job was looking at the news, writing jokes about, making faces and then “it’s just cha ching and I am out the door.” He apologized for not having jokes or sounds since Charleston, South Carolina happened.

'jon stewart daily show ending in 2015'

He spoke about the depraved violence we do to one another. He spoke about being confident that acknowledging it and staring at it – that we still won’t do jack s**t. What blows his mind is the disparity of response between the people who are foreign doing it to us vs. us doing it to ourselves. We spent millions of dollars protecting America, we will torture people to do that. Nine people shot in a church is something that Stewart (and the rest of the world) can not wrap his head around. He said it is a terrorist attack – against our own. To pretend it is tragedy and not racist is ridiculous saying, “this one is black and white.”

He said we are steep in that culture and expressed shock that people are trying to pretend it isn’t the culture. Stewart summarized the terrorist act, “Nine people were shot in a black church by a white person who hated them and wanted to start a civil war.” He said we are bringing it on ourselves saying Isis is nothing compared to what we can do to ourselves.

Stewart nailed the issues head on. The fact that the violence has happened in a church, in a school, in a movie theater and sitting on a stoop in front of your house, makes it impossible to feel safe anywhere, anymore. This is beyond sad.

What do you think about Jon Stewart’s monologue?

We have the video below:

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