Interview: Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Cast of Pixels Talk 80’s, Video Games and More!

By on July 19, 2015
'adam sandler, kevin james pixel cast'

Pixels, a comedic Sci-Fi movie starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage is a funny, light hearted movie that helps to bridge the generation gap between today’s video obsessed youth and those of us who grew up in the 80’s.

'adam sandler, kevin james pixel cast'

As one of those people who grew up in the 80’s, watching Pixels was a stroll down memory lane. Using Pac Man, Donkey Kong and Centerpede to attack the United States while listening to hit songs such as ‘Everybody’s Working for the Weekend’ brought back those fond memories of the arcades and saving my allowance to play one more game of Pac Man. In a press conference with the cast of Pixels, Adam Sandler, who happens to have grown up in the 80’s, had the same sentiment. He recalled getting a dollar from his mom and going to the video arcade where he would play three games of Pac Man or Donkey Kong and save a quarter for lunch at McDonalds. Kevin James had the same memories only he joked, he used all of his money for McDonalds.

The cast of Pixels enjoyed the press conference as much as they did working together on the set of the movie. The banter among the cast was hysterical especially, Josh Gad, who plays Ludlow Lamonsoff, a conspiracy-theory-obsessed, genius with really bad social skills, who is also a member of the team. There is a scene in the movie, where Gad’s character has to give a pep talk to a platoon of soldiers. The speech is hysterical as Gad screams at the soldiers and barely makes sense. Learning that Gad ad-libbed the speech that was originally riddled with curses, according to Monaghan, only makes the speech that much more funny and is a true testament to Gad’s comedic abilities.

Pixels opens in the year 1982 with best friends Sam Brenner and Will Cooper rushing to check out the new video game arcade that just opened up in town. Sam’s talents take them to a video game competition where they pick up their new best friend, conspiracy-theorist Ludlow Lamonsoff. We also meet their arch-nemesis, Eddie ‘The Fire Blaster’ Plant, a fellow gamer whose skills are put into play during a competition where he and Sam face off during a game of Donkey Kong.

The movie moves to the present time, where we see Will is now the President of the United States and Sam is part of the geek squad. Meeting Michelle Monaghan’s character, Violet, whose husband left her for a 19 year old Yoga instructor, during a tech call, we see the two behave like kids in High School who are trying to deny they have feelings for each other. Their fun, kid-like banter plays out throughout the movie. Ludlow lives in his mother’s basement and is hopelessly obsessed with a fake character from one of his video games and Eddie is in prison.

We follow Sam as he is called to the White House by Will where he is informed that Guam was attacked by a powerful, unknown force. The attack was picked up by satellite and bears a strong resemblance to a video game they played in their younger days. They learn they are being attacked by aliens who believe the games are a declaration of war against them. With the aliens showing up in the various parts of the world as classic video game characters, Sam must step up and save the world using his old video skills. Along for the ride are Will, Violet, the recently resurfaced Ludlow (Josh Gad) who is more paranoid and manic than ever before, and old enemy Eddie (Peter Dinklage) who hasn’t changed a bit in the thirty-odd years since their last meeting.

Meeting the cast of Pixels was every bit as funny as you would think it would be. And the movie is definitely funny, light hearted and great to see with the kids.



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