American Ninja Warrior Recap 7/13/15 – Venice Finals

By on July 13, 2015
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American Ninja Warrior has had some amazing qualifying rounds this season – but they’re all done, which means we’re on to the city finals!

American Ninja Warrior 2015

Tonight we’ll be headed back to Venice to see the Venice city finals – where the top 30 competitors from the Venice qualifying round will compete for their chance to move on. The obstacles tonight include the infamous Salmon Ladder, Rumbling Dice, Clear Climb, and the Invisible Ladder.

If you missed last week’s episode, check out the recap here!

Contestant: Rashad
Results: Rashad looked like he was going to own the course until he hit a bit of difficulty on the Spin Cycle. He eventually overcame it, but when he got to the Hourglass Drop he unfortunately missed the transition – being unable to grab on to the second bridge and instead being launched by the mini-trampoline right onto the mats – and was disqualified.

Contestant: Tarzan
Results: This guy ran through the first few obstacles with no problem, and when he came to the Hourglass Drop he executed the drop to the trampoline and back up to the second bridge perfectly. From there he was up and over the wall with ease. From there, he headed to the second half of the course and the first obstacle, the Salmon Ladder. When he got to the Rumbling Dice they proved to be too much of a challenge for him, and he hit the water.

Contestant: Jason
Results: Jason missed the finish on the Hourglass Drop during qualifying, and it got the best of him again tonight. He met the same challenge that Rashad did – being unable to grab the second bridge after the trampoline.

Contestant: Agu
Results: Agu met the same fate as Jason – although he didn’t just miss the second bridge, he didn’t get anywhere near it since he hit the trampoline in the wrong spot, his knees buckled, and he went straight into the water.

Contestant: Jackson
Results: Oh Jackson. The Ninja Scout tried so hard, but the Hourglass Drop held him up as well, and he took a tumble into the water in an adorably hilarious fashion.

Contestant: Almas
Results: Almas made it across the Hourglass Drop, however once he got up and over the wall the Salmon Ladder got the best of him and into the water he went.

Contestant: Ryan
Results: Ryan made it through the first half of the course, as well as the Salmon Ladder easily, but the Rumbling Dice bested him and he hit the water.

Contestant: Dustin
Results: Dustin made it further than anyone else has this evening – on to the second Rumbling Dice. But unfortunately it simply wasn’t enough and he hit the water.

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