American Ninja Warrior Recap 7/6/15 – Military Qualifying Round

By on July 6, 2015
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Tonight’s episode of America Ninja Warrior is an extra special one – it’s all about America’s military men and women! Enlisted and veteran military personnel will be competing at the Port of Los Angeles for their chance to represent America on Mt. Midoriyama.

American Ninja Warrior 2015

If you missed the last qualifying round, check it out here!

Contestant: Kyle
Results: Kyle had an awesome run as the first competitor of the night, and made it all the way to the I Cross Beam before hitting the water.

Contestant: Amanda
Results: In addition to her military service Amanda is an accomplished pole vaulter, so while she’s got a lot of coordination and leg strength, her upper body is used to an entirely different type of exercise. As she crossed the Peg Bridge (I have no idea what it’s really called) she looked pretty solid until about the midway point, when she hit the water.

Contestant: Ken
Results: Ken made a valiant effort just ahead of his brother Keith’s run – but he hit the water on the cargo net.

Contestant: Keith
Results: Ken’s twin brother survived serious injuries after a roadside bomb went off in Iraq, which left him determined to recover. As part of his recovery, he and Ken began tackling some of the American Ninja Warrior obstacles. That said, the course unfortunately got the best of him and he hit the water on the second obstacle.

Contestant: Deon
Results: Deon’s primary responsibility while serving our country is to monitor nuclear reactors – so, you know… nothing too heavy (did you catch the sarcasm there?). He flew through the first portion of the course, making his way to the I Beam Cross with relative ease. However as he attempted the transition on the obstacle he had quite a bit of difficulty but he fought through it – unfortunately though, after lots of hard work, he hit the water.

Contestant: Dustin
Results: Dustin is going for speed on this run, since this isn’t his first rodeo. He nearly fell a few times, but managed to catch himself and keep the run going. At 5’2″ there are some portions of the course that might prove be to more than a little challenging for him, but as he gets to the Monkey Peg (official name) he doesn’t seem to be letting it affect him. In fact, despite his small stature Dustin became the first competitor to make the transition on the I Beam Cross, something that is supposed to be exceedingly difficult for competitors without a long wing span. And with that, he became the first competitor of the night to take on the Warped Wall – and up and over he went in 1 solid attempt.

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