Astronaut Wives Club Recap: Liftoff 7/9/15

By on July 9, 2015


On Astronaut Wive’s Club most recent episode, it was Scott’s turn to do his mission. Thanks to some complications, Scott’s condition is unknown, so the girls had to band together to support Rene. Meanwhile, Trudy and Gordon agreed to make amends. Deke was also un-grounded for the time being. The full recap is here.

The episode kicks off with a report from JFK and his speech about aiming to go to the moon and win the Space Race. The couples enjoy a picnic and continue to compare notes on their newfound fame- and how seeing the vice president and other celebrities in person is now a regular occurrence. Trudy notes that Gordon hasn’t had a mission yet to Lyndon Byron Johnson himself. A senator’s wife offers Jo and Rene spots on her radio show to talk about their lives and they accept. Later, Deke and Marge talk about getting him medical help for his condition.  Alan and Louise. At the Cooper house, Gordon tries to charm Trudy, but it’s still not working. At Betty’s house, a tour bus stops by and she scrambles to make herself presentable before all of the people on board can get off the bus. She runs to the Cooper’s house to get some reinforcement and Louise introduces her to Betty, and the latter invites her and the other girls to a gala.  The girls regroup at the hotel to plan out their part in the party coming up. A woman approaches them, and she- along with a nearby group of women are the ‘Gemini 9 Wives’- another space project. The girls have ‘competition.’

The girls have lunch together, and Marge unloads that the health issues with Deke have also started to effect their marriage, and she’s worried if they’ll last. After reassuring her, the girls realize they’re going to need fancy gowns for the gala. With Wally and Jo, he worries about his own mission coming up, and she assures him that things will be fine- he’s making history, after all. Shortly after, the wives host a party with the Gemini 9 wives. Things start off well, but after a few comments made in unknowingly poor taste, Marge gets catty and that’s that.

The next morning, Deke finds out that he’s been re-grounded all over again. His fellow astronauts hear about it and contemplate threatening to bail on the project like they had last time, but Deke denies them.  Later, the girls go dress shopping. Gordon and Trudy prepare for the party and get to bantering when JFK comes on the news and announces about Russia’s missile silos and the possibility of nuclear war. At the Cooper house, Alan hears the news and he tells Louise not to go to the party since who knows what will happen- since him and the boys are military, so they’ve been scrambled to handle the ‘what if’ risks too. They boys meet their publicist in the hotel, and he tells them to go to the gala- they’re symbols of hope now, not soldiers. He leaves for the gala- and expects them to follow.

The wives head to the gala, but the men aren’t there- except for Max. Louise goes to talk to him, and he’s not happy about the gala either. He tells her to follow him to find a radio, and she does. Marge sees the mens’ publicist- who was also part of the team who made the decision about Deke. She goes to tear him a new one. The publicist calms her down and explains he’s not fired, he’s promoted- he chooses who goes up on which mission now. Meanwhile, Max and Louise slip away, and she talks him down from some paranoid-seeming tirade about the Russians. The pair of them bond, and get into dangerous territory.  At the main party, Jo is convinced her husband is up for the next mission. The girls realize the Gemini 9 wives have arrived, and Rene and Betty hightail it out of there to avoid drama. In the barn, Louise admits having a sister who died- and she and Alan are raising the sister’s daughter. Max convinces Louise to dance. Louise senses lines getting blurred a bit and says she should go.

At the hotel, the main girl from the Gemini 9 wives try to extend an olive branch and it gets stomped on. Across the building, Marge and Deke apologize for being so standoffish. At home, Jo plays some music and puts on a brave face. Louise talks to Wally about not wanting to be part of the group in her popularity- she wanted something on her own. Rene and Betty arrive- they have an idea. A few moments later, Betty has gotten a chainsaw- so she can cut holes between the family’s fences like Betty had joked about earlier. She grins and starts the machine up.

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