Astronaut Wives Club Recap: Rendezvous 7/30/15

By on July 30, 2015
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Previously on Astronaut Wives Club, John decided to run for Ohio state senate and a new astronaut and another Astronaut Wife, Pat, to boot. Alan and Louise started to get their divorce underway- until Alan gets a disease of the inner ear and is grounded as well.

As the new astronaut talks to his new coworkers, the wives talk about what they’ve heard about Pat and how they think she’ll be personality-wise. They mention Louise is absent. It turns out she’s dropping him at work. At the meeting the wives are at about Project Gemini, the possibility of joining two spacecraft is mentioned. One of the execs tells the wives to let the men take it easy for a while, then dismisses them to go have lunch. The girls regroup to try and figure out all of the other Astronaut Wives’ names since there are so many repeats, like Marilyn and Pat.

The next day, they let one of the Marilyns to breakfast after finding out she’ll be the first wife who will give birth to a baby when her husband is up in space. Marilyn mentions one of the wives have a child with Downs Syndrome and cancer, and scramble to get her to the meal for emotional support, too. At the Shepard home, Louise checks in with Alan about how the doctor’s appointment went, and he isn’t helpful, just claiming he’s ‘fine.’  She isn’t happy. Later, she calls Trudy, claiming they need to go on a trip because “a spaceman has lost his way.”

Betty goes home to find that Gus has arranged a trip to Paris for their anniversary to make up for not having a honeymoon when they got married. Louise checks in with Trudy about their trip, and Trudy mentions having to ‘run it by .  Meanwhile, Marge gets a call that two of the Gemini astronauts have died, and they have pull together to do damage control and try to keep Marilyn, one of the wives, occupied until NASA arrives to break the news- and make sure the press doesn’t beat them to it. Across town, Marilyn arrives at the other new widow, the new widow’s house, followed by another wife, Jane. Marge goes to pick up Marilyn’s kids from school and takes them back to the house. She sees NASA officials coming and waits. He gives her the bad news. Marilyn realizes why the other two wives were there and breaks down, and the other two try to comfort her.

That night, the other Marilyn is still reeling from having to put on an okay charade for the other Marilyn. She hates following the orders NASA gives her. Along the way, she accidentally admits she’s pregnant, and Tim doesn’t know what to do. He says they need to hide it for as long as possible before NASA gets involved. Meanwhile, the Mercury wives try and figure out what to do to show support as well. Marge says they need to pull all the wives- Mercury and Gemini alike, to get NASA to change a few policies about how they live and how certain things are handled. They put a plan to do so into action. The plan ends up being hosting a party. At said party, Marge and Betty take point with explaining their ideas on how to get NASA to communicate better with them. The wives are skeptical, and a couple of the Gemini wives say that the Mercury ones- Marge and Betty in particular should do so on their own, since they need to protect themselves since their husbands have seniority and they have to be careful since their own husbands’ flights are about to happen.

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