The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Spoilers 7/13/15 – The Final Two Men Are…..

By on July 9, 2015
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The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe is at the end of her journey. A crazy and untraditional journey that has been filled with firsts for everything – including having the fantasy suites before hometown visits, sex before the fantasy suites and having hometown visits take place in Utah, rather than in the contestants actual hometowns.

'the bachelorette with Britt and Kaitlyn'

The season has been interesting and with the remaining contestants down to the final three men; Ben H., Nick and Shawn, it proves to get even more difficult. They are all hoping for the chance to capture her heart.

Following Kaitlyn’s first overnight date with none other than Nick, where we see Kaitlyn in her sexy lingerie (no need to hide anymore) we also see Sean confront Nick and tell him what he really thinks of him – especially since he found out that Nick and Kaitlyn had sex. Read the complete recap from last week of The Bachelorette here to see what happened between the men.

Ben H. and Kaitlyn tour the Irish countryside on horseback, and he confesses his love for her. Then, Shawn goes on the final overnight date of the season. It’s romantic and sexy until Kaitlyn confronts him about the running argument he is having with Nick. What will happen between Shawn and Kaitlyn? Will they be able to get past Shawn’s jealousy of Nick? Or will Shawn’s jealousy do him in??

The two suitors continue to clash, adding to the tension surrounding Kaitlyn’s decision about whose families she will meet.

The Bachelorette travels to Utah, where the final two men’s families are skeptical and worried that their men will be hurt in this quest for love. How will Kaitlyn choose between the two bachelors who are in love with her? Is her judgment clouded by the importance of her decision?

Keep reading to see who was eliminated and who the final two men are….

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