The Bachelorette: Men Tell All – Kaitlyn Accused of Being Loose

By on July 20, 2015
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The Bachelorette: Men Tell All airs Monday, July 20, 2015 amid what is sure to be filled with drama. Between Kaitlyn being slammed on the internet for her loose lips (among other things), for having sex with Nick Viall, the bromance between JJ and Clint and Ian all but calling Kaitlyn Bristowe a trashy tramp it is sure to be a crazy night.

'kaitlyn recap 5.25.15'

17 of the 25 men, will return to confront each other and Kaitlyn. Notably absent will be Nick Viall and Shawn Booth, who have made it to the final two. We will learn who the winner of the final rose is next week. If you want to see who won The Bachelorette – click here.

We will hear from Ian directly. If you recall, Ian left after telling Kaitlyn she wasn’t good enough to be the Bachelorette. We will also hear from JJ and Clint, the two who had a bro-mance that went terribly wrong when JJ turned on his bff.

Besides Ian judging Kaitlyn, we will also see the people on the internet slam Kaitlyn and how it affected the Bachelorette.

After a preview of what seems like a wild season of Bachelor Pad, the first person who is put in the hot seat is Ian. Tanner┬átells Ian he was disrespectful to both Kaitlyn and the men in the house. No apology was needed – since the men said it would fall on deaf ears. ┬áCorey agreed with Ian’s assessment of Kaitlyn. Ben H. came to Kaitlyn’s defense saying he wasn’t around long enough to know Kaitlyn and to judge her.

Ian gets down on a bended knee and tells the men he is sorry for what he said and for his behavior. Nobody is sure why he is on his knees and it is an awkward moment at best. He said he is sorry to America and her really apologizes. JJ walks over and gives him a hug. Will the men accept his apology? They seem to accept his apology and shake his hand as he returns to his seat.

Apparently Tanner likes to hear himself speak as he feels he needs to have an opinion about everyone. He discusses Clint and the fact he became very arrogant in the house. Clint tells the men he came to the house to find true love. He said he developed a friendship with JJ. He wanted to spend time with people he found interesting and apparently, JJ is the only one who was interesting. JJ comes to Clint’s defense. And we learn that JJ and Clint were in the hot tub for four hours. JJ said their friendship went beyond the surface level – they really got to know each other.

Kupah spoke about Nick and the fact that he was brought on when 25 men put their lives on hold for Kaitlyn.

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