Ben Affleck Broken Hearted Over Divorce from Jennifer Garner

By on July 1, 2015
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While Ben Affleck is being painted as the reason behind the divorce between he and his wife, Jennifer Garner, it is being reported the actor is devastated over the end of his marriage.


The couple, who were said to be in marriage counseling for the past two years, were unable to get past their differences and decided to call it quits. According to a ‘source’ at People Magazine, Ben is devastated and while the couple both fought hard to save the marriage, ultimately they decided it was the best thing for the kids and for both Ben and Jen.

It is difficult to work on a marriage when the couple were barely together over the past year. Affleck has been working non-stop for the past couple of years, leaving Garner to feel neglected and resentful. TMZ has said Ben’s work schedule has been the major source of Ben and Jen’s arguments and not Affleck’s gambling and drinking that has been reported.

The reason we haven’t seen Ben and Jen together over the past year is because the couple have been separated for the past 10 months. Ben is planning on living on the family’s estate, hoping to make the divorce an easy adjustment for the couples three children – Violet, Seraphina and Sam.

The couple have been reportedly trying to avoid the use of lawyers and are going through mediation to separate the fortune they have amassed together since they have been married and to hammer out the custody arrangements for the children.

Divorce is not easy and it doesn’t matter if it is something you both want, it is an adjustment for everyone involved, so hearing that Ben Affleck is devastated shouldn’t be a surprise. It should be a given. With the actor being portrayed as the ‘bad guy’ in the relationship, it’s hard to imagine he would be so upset.

What do you think about Ben Affleck being upset over the divorce? Do you think the couple should have tried to work it out or at some point, there is no other option other than throwing in the towel.

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