Big Brother 2015 Season 17 Recap 7/2/15 – Week 1 – Who Went Home and New HoH

By on July 2, 2015
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It is the first week of Big Brother 17 and with new twists and 16 new houseguests, it has been a week filled with drama. Lots of drama.

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With James as the remaining Head of Household, he nominated Steve and Jackie. Steve won the Power or Veto, removing himself from the block and being replaced by Jace, who was supposed to be back doored anyway. Jace has been beyond annoying to the other houseguests, so unless there has been more drama in the house or he has made a deal with the other houseguests, he is destined to go home for the first live eviction of season 17 of Big Brother.

Jace Agolli and Jackie Ibarra face off during the live eviction voting there will be thirteen votes. Once the vote is revealed we will be down to 15 houseguests.

We will have the votes for each of the 13 houseguests below:

Jeff – votes to evict Jace
Da’Von – votes to evict Jace
Jason – votes to evict Jace
Audrey – votes to evict Jackie
Steve – votes to evict Jace
Liz and Julia – vote to evict Jace and then switch places live
Austin – votes to evict Jace
Meg – votes to evict Jace
John – votes to evict Jace
Clay – votes to evict Jace
Becky – votes to evict Jace
Shelly – votes to evict Jace
Vanessa – votes to evict Jace

It’s official Jace has been evicted with 12 voting for Jace and one voting for Jackie.

Following the live eviction, the houseguests will receive a surprise visit from Kathy Griffin. Kathy is providing a twist – the power of the last laugh. The person who answers the 7th call, will receive the power to keep three people from voting next week during the live eviction.

There is not another competition for two Head of Households. Earlier today the houseguests each drew a number. The houseguests were broken into two groups.The houseguests were given sneakers and told to wear athletic gear so it will be an athletic competition rather than a mental competition. The competition is called Ginger and it is putting a billboard of Kathy Griffin back together. The winner is Becky for the first round. For the second round, the winner is Shelly.

Who will be voted for eviction? We will keep you posted with spoilers throughout the week.

We also found out more info about the #twintwist. The twins are Julia and Liz, who look exactly alike and have been great at switching on and off four times without the house knowing.

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