Big Brother 2015 Season 17 Spoilers Week 2 – HoH, Nominees, PoV Winner

By on July 4, 2015
'big brother 17'

'big brother 17'

Big Brother Season 17 had its first evictee of the summer, with Jace being evicted from the house. Following a competition introduced by comedienne Kathy Griffin, the houseguests were broken into two different groups where they had to create a billboard of Griffin. The winners of the Head of Household were Shelli and Becky. We have the complete recap of the Big Brother live eviction episode here.

Following the live eviction ceremony and the HoH competition, Shelli and Becky were faced with putting up two people each for eviction. The nominees were

Becky: Jason & Steve
Shelli: Da’Vonne & John

Becky is actually gunning for Andrea and is hoping to backdoor her. It seems that Audrey is trying to stir up trouble and claims that Becky made racist statements in the house. The other houseguests stand by Becky and are saying she did not make any racial comments. Becky actually went out of her way to tell her allies that her family was worried that anything you might say could be taken out of context including accusations of racism. Audrey heard that and tried to use it like actual racist comments.

Becky is taking what Andrea did personally as it could destroy her life outside the game. Remember season 15 of Big Brother? Several of the houseguests lost their jobs because of their behavior on Big Brother.

Following the nominations there was the Battle of the Block. Becky was dethroned during the Battle of the Block. This means that Shelli is the HoH and Da’Vonne and John remain on the block until the veto competition. The winner of the veto competition could change everything.

The players for the veto competition were: Shelli as HoH, Da’Vonne and John as nominees and Meg, Steve, and Clay who were selected to play along.

John won the PoV. We know he will take himself off the block – who will be the replacement nominee? We will keep you posted and let you know as soon as we know.

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