Big Brother 2015 Season 17 – Week 4 – Who is HoH, Nominees, PoV Winner

By on July 19, 2015

Big Brother is in its 4th week and three houseguests have been eliminated. With 13 houseguests remaining, the drama continues.


We saw on Thursday night, the elimination of Jeff Weldon, who may be embarrassed when he sees the video of him in bed with Julie Nolan, enjoying himself a bit too much – without Julie even knowing.  The voting was closer than its been all season with Austin Matelson, Meg Maley, Clay Honeycutt, Shelli Poole, Jason Roy, Becky Burgess, and Audrey Middleton all voting against Jeff. Voting against James Muling were John McGuire, Steve Moses, Liz Nolan, and Jackie Ibarra.

Big Brother Week 4 HoH Competition

During Week 3 there was a takeover by football player, Rob Gronkowski which mostly entailed partying. Week 4 Head of Household competition was a true or false question challenge. The questions must have been more challenging than usual since it only lasted three rounds. James, Jason, Clay, and Steve were eliminated in the first round followed by Meg and Austin who were eliminated in the second round. In the final round, only two houseguests got the right answer, leaving Liz Nolan and Shelli Poole as the HoH for week 4 of Big Brother.

With Liz (and Julie) and Shelli winning HoH – who would they nominate.

Big Brother Week 4 Nominees

The nominations are:

Liz Nolan nominated James Huling and Jackie Ibarra.

Shelli Poole nominated Jason Roy and John McGuire.

This is the fourth straight week that John has been nominated for eviction.

Big Brother Week 4 Battle of the Block

James & Jackie won the Battle of the Block this means that Shelli remains the HoH and Jason and John are on the block – at least until the PoV.

This also means that neither James nor Jackie can be eliminated this week.

Big Brother Week 4 Power of Veto

Who played for the PoV?

The two nominees – Johnny Mack and Jason and the current Head of Household (HOH) Shelli

House guests chosen – Meg, James, and Vanessa.

Hosting the challenge – Steve

PoV was won by Vanessa, who is gunning to backdoor Audrey. Will she use her PoV to save John or Jason and eliminate Audrey?

Once again, Audrey seems to be the source of all of the drama this week. She has been seen spreading different rumors about the others in the house. This means that Shelli will most likely backdoor Audrey.

Since Audrey was the talk of the house before the show even started because she is the first transgender woman to appear on the reality series, will producers try and manipulate the PoV behind the scenes? It will be interesting to see who will ultimately end up on the block and who will be evicted when the votes are placed at the end of the week.

Who are you rooting for?

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