Big Brother Week 5 Spoilers – Who HoH, Nominees, Battle of the Block and PoV

By on July 26, 2015

We are in the 5th week of Big Brother with two new people who are the Head of House, four new nominees who battled it out during the Battle of the Block leaving only two nominees to be eliminated and the Power of Veto.

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Following the elimination of Audrey Middleton for the fourth week, the Head of Household competition took place.T he houseguests had to listen to songs and identify whether the competition was Head of Household, Battle of the Block or Power of Veto. Winning the HoH for week five was Jackie Ibarra & Vanessa Rousso.

Vanessa nominated Becky and Clay to be on the block this week while Jackie nominated James and Liz. Winning the battle of the block this week was James and Liz. This means that Vanessa remains the Head of the House and Becky and Clay are the nominees for elimination for the fifth week in the house.

Austin is this week’s target. In order for that to happen, Becky or Clay will have to win the PoV. If one of them does, they can remove themselves from the block and Austin could be put up instead.

The PoV competition took place and Clay won – will the plan come together?

Vanessa is the HoH and she and Shelli are starting to get paranoid about their alliance. Is there an alliance within an alliance? Are Jason, James, Meg, Jackie and Becky working together as a five-some against them and Clay?

Vanessa wants to know who voted to keep Audrey? She asks Austin who says he doesn’t know, but Vanessa knows he is lying because Julia told her about Judas and his voting to keep Audrey so he could blame it on Steve. Austin went downstairs and talked to Liz, who confirmed to him that Julia told Vanessa about the Judas vote. Austin freaked out, realizing he just lied to Vanessa’s face. He asked Liz to lie to Vanessa about it, saying he was talking about doing it, but he didn’t.

Liz speaks to Vanessa and Shelli. Vanessa reveals everything she knows about Austin and the things he has done – telling Jason to target Julia, etc. Liz turns on Austin telling Vanessa he wanted her to lie about the Judas vote and she added she isn’t attracted to Austin at all and that his physical advances creep her out, but she’s going along with it anyway.

Austin speaks to Vanessa one-on-one. She told him that she knows he lied about all of this stuff and that the whole house wants him out and she’s told them she’s on board with it. Austin freaked out and begged her not to do this.

Vanessa isn’t sure what to do and is thinking about keeping him but the entire house wants him eliminated. Vanessa is scrambling to find a way out of backdooring Austin, but needs to find a reason.

Austin speaks to Shelli and Clay, trying to build back the trust in their alliance. Shelli seems OK with keeping Austin. She’s desperate to keep the alliance together and wants to target Becky, but Shelli also wants to keep Jason safe and Meg on her side.

After a night of talking and Austin starting to campaign to people or trying to find a reason for Vanessa to put someone else up. However, Vanessa seemed to come around to being so afraid of going back on her promises to everyone else that she doesn’t want to make enemies, so she might be leaning towards sticking with the plan to backdoor Austin. Even Austin seems to know that the wind isn’t blowing in his direction.

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