Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Both Accused of Cheating – Find Out With Who??

By on July 20, 2015

With cheating allegations running rampant throughout Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s marriage, is it a surprise the couple are getting a divorce?

'blake and miranda cheated'

With the tabloids pointing fingers at who cheated with whom, we rounded up the accusations for our readers so you can have it all in one place. There has been no confirmation from anyone regarding the cheating allegations and that is all they are. The only people who know what really happened between Blake and Miranda are the couple themselves. Unfortunately, neither of them have called Have U Heard to confirm nor deny the allegations – but we will keep you posted if they do.

It looks like Miranda Lambert may have done the cheating.

So who has Blake Shelton been accused of cheating on his soon to be ex-wife, Miranda Lambert with:

Sheryl Crow – appeared on The Voice, where Blake is a judge. Radar Online claims that following Crows’ appearance on The Voice, she was texting and calling Blake. And of course, Miranda was livid. These allegations were never proven to be true.

Candy Groves – singer. Shelton was accused of having an affair with the singer after he was said to be flirting with her on Twitter. Shelton insisted the conversation was harmless and there was absolutely nothing going on with Groves.

Blake is not alone with the cheating accusations. Miranda Lambert has also been in the tabloids and accused of getting too close with the following:

Chris Young – a photo surfaced of Miranda with her arm around the country singer. This sparked cheating rumors and tabloid covers claiming Miranda was doing more than flirting. Star Magazine claims there was a source who stated the couple were very chummy that evening.

All of the above are nothing but accusations. The website, Crazy Days and Nights has repeated blind item reveals (google it) with Blake Shelton’s name all over it.

What do you think – is there fire where there is smoke or did the couple just decide to go their separate ways because they grew apart?

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  1. Morning Star

    July 21, 2015 at 5:23 am

    This did not surprise me.. saw this myself on the Voice, very obvious and I didn’t even know He was married, I guess if you don’t act like you are, than why are you married, because vows are not to be broken. I guess they don’t realize the seriousness of how GOD views vows..tell them to read Ecclesiastes 5:4-6.

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