Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Reunite to Help Ashley Monroe’s Album Launch

By on July 25, 2015

'Blake Shelton hosts Saturday Night Live (SNL) on 1/24/15'

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have made the headlines this week for the shocking announcement of there divorce. Every magazine, website and tabloid has been talking non stop about the couple and the divorce. Who cheated on whom and with who, who was the first to cheat, who deserved to be cheated on and any other nasty mud slinging headline you could come up was put out there for the world to see. It looks like the former couple put their differences aside to help their mutual friend, Ashley Monroe, who just launched an album on iTunes. Or more likely they put their differences aside to have everyone talking about something else besides their divorce and it seemed to work – for the moment.

Find out who cheated first Miranda or Blake?

Blake Shelton started the interaction on Twitter when he said:

“Hey @mirandalambert can u believe there’s people who haven’t bought @ashleymonroe new album? Isn’t that shocking?!!”
(and he included the link for the album)

Miranda Lambert responded with:

“@blakeshelton no I can’t because it is the best work she has ever done! I love it! We love you @ashleymonroe (and the link to the album)”

Blake then retweeted Miranda’s tweet agreeing they both love Ashley Monroe. When a fan questioned whether the tweets were scheduled or they were real time, Blake responded by saying they were real. When another fan said she was “losing respect because of this whole charade.” Shelton was quick to respond with a nasty comment saying: “Well rest assured not one s— is given.”

Well that will teach anyone to question Blake Shelton and whether he is genuine or not.  Remember when Blake tweets to his ex-wife, or anyone else, he is being real. Unless of course, he is drunk. Then it may not be so real.

What do you think about Blake and Miranda tweeting to each other. It works well for Ashley Monroe. She will probably sell a lot more albums then she would have.


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