Cady Groves Speaks Out About Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Divorce

By on July 22, 2015
'cady groves'

It looks like Blake Shelton’s alleged mistress is speaking out on his recent divorce from Miranda Lambert. While Blake and Miranda have been busy slinging mud at each other over who had an affair first and removing each other from Twitter, Cady Groves has been busy on Twitter.

'cady groves'

Cady Groves, the woman who has been rumored (but not confirmed) to have been with Blake Shelton while he was married, took to Twitter to sound off on someone who everyone is assuming is Shelton.

Groves said:

“Its sick that I experienced a once in a lifetimes love-still as strong as the day it happened- & have been punished every single day since.

I never quit loving you—you just ran.

Isn’t that what they teach you love is? One loves the other more and therefor holds the power to virtually murder the other.

You had the power. And you turned off the lights. I lit the world alone: and now, isn’t it crazy I just wanna shine with you?

After all these years- it’s you. Always was: always will be.

I love each and every one of you. I am a good person. Do not judge someone if you don’t know anything about anything. It’s ridiculous.

There has been no confirmation as to who Groves was speaking about but what Groves is clearly doing is using her five additional minutes of fame to push her own agenda, which happens to be her music.

Groves wrote on Twitter again saying, “Have any questions about who I am? Listen to my new song and see whatcha think. “Crying game” out now! Listen here (with a link to her song).

What do you think about Groves had to say on Twitter. While she may not have been speaking about Shelton, she definitely worked her tweets in to fit what everyone else is talking about. Of course, it all had to do with her music. She is using Blake and Miranda’s divorce to improve her career. Will it work?

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