Is Bobbi Kristina Really Having a Sweet 16 Themed Funeral?

By on July 31, 2015

Is Bobbi Kristina really having a Sweet 16 themed funeral or is this just someone’s really bad idea of a joke?


Bobbi Kristina passed away following an incident where she was caught face down in a bathtub. While Bobbi had a history of passing out in the bathtub, her boyfriend Nick Gordon may face murder charges since there were bruises on Bobbi’s body and she was missing a tooth, allegedly following a fight with Gordon.

How many people have a funeral with a theme in the first place? And if they did, would it be a Sweet 16 theme – especially when the person being honored is 22 years of age. Bobbi Kristina’s Aunt, Pat Houston, is reportedly trying to make the funeral, taking place in Alpharetta, Georgia, a celebration of her life. Since Bobbi had mentioned in the past she had regretted not having a Sweet 16, Pat Houston wants to give her the party she always wanted.

Needless to say, the family is not happy with the idea and are even threatening to not attend. One of the family members is the music legend, Dionne Warwick, who is Whitney Houston’s cousin. She presided over the funeral of for Whitney Houston and feels that the Sweet 16 theme is extremely disrespectful.

According to Radar Online, a “source” is claiming that Pat Houston and Bobbi Kristina didn’t get along, following the death of Whitney Houston, since Pat was trying to run Bobbi’s life and tell her how to handle her money. If only Pat had stepped in with regards to Bobbi and her boyfriend/fiance’s relationship with Nick -maybe Bobbi would still be here?

Do you believe this story is real? We are having a hard time believing it only because it seems like a crazy idea? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts. Would you ever have  a theme for a funeral?

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