Bobbi Kristina’s Deathbed Photo Looking For A Home; Could Already Be Deceased

By on July 3, 2015


Bobbi Kristina Brown has been shuffled a lot since she was found unresponsive in her tub in Atlanta at the beginning of this year. She ended up in a hospital and now, the twenty-two year old daughter of the late Whitney Houston and bad boy Bobby Brown is in hospice care. Her aunt Pat Houston has said that it is up to God what happens next but I have a theory that Bobbi Kristina may have already passed, we just do not know it yet. When Whitney died in 2012 from drowning in a hotel bathtub Grammy weekend, photos of her laying in her casket where sold and published.

Have U Heard had the respect not to publish those photos as it was completely disrespectful but I did have some theories as to who may have sold Whitney Houston out. It seems that since Houston died, Bobbi’s life has been a lie. She married Nick Gordon, her supposed adopted brother but then it was deemed that they had never legally married. Bobbi’s family sought a restraining order to keep Gordon away from the hospital. He ended up in rehab and just a few days ago, the couple’s drug dealer was found deceased. At the same time, People reported that Tyler Perry had rushed to be by Bobbi’s side as she was laying in hospice.

Father Bobby won’t seem to allow his daughter to pass but maybe he already has. It has been a half of a year since Bobbi went to the hospital and we have not seen one photo. I would think that if someone got a photo of Whitney, they could definitely get one of her daughter. That leads me to believe that Bobbi passed and it was kept so quiet, not even the media knew. However, Radar was reporting that there was a new grave dug next to Whitney’s, presumably for Bobbi and now, TMZ reports that a photo (there had to be a photo) of Bobbi on her deathbed being shopped around. TMZ was reportedly offered the photo but declined it. However, it does seem like we will see the photo somewhere and that it was, in fact taken by¬†“an extended family member.” I will say it one more time: let the girl rest in peace with her mother!

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