Bobby Brown Falls Flat During a 4th of July Concert!

By on July 6, 2015


Bobby brown

Maybe it is the fact that his daughter will never see another Independence Day or he is in the midst of making funeral preparations but either way, Bobby Brown just could not hold it together during a concert over the weekend. One may wonder why he chose to perform right as daughter Bobbi Kristina, 22 was transferred to a hospice center where the family is letting God take his course. Could it have been a distraction or the fact that he just loves himself more than he loves anyone else? We did see him out partying for his birthday this year as Bobbi lay unresponsive in a hospital bed after drowning in her bathtub in Atlanta so this is no surprise.

But with Bobbi’s drug dealer found dead off an apparent overdose and “husband” Nick Gordon possibly being charged for murder, you would think Bobby would be right there for every last moment. It was three and a half years ago that Bobbi’s mother and Bobby’s ex-wife Whitney Houston slipped in to her forever as she drowned in a hotel tub Grammy weekend. Photos are being shopped around of Bobbi Kristina on her deathbed, according to TMZ so I would expect her father to have her under his watchful eye.

Bobby had made a promise to be at an old-school concert in Atlanta and he kicked it of by saying: “Hold on Atlanta. Atlanta, I can’t hear y’all. I know it’s a little early, but God.. I probably know but one of you all up in here. Let’s have some fun! Yo, I was skipping songs and s–t…I feel like I have been up here for like two hours. Trust me I’m not gonna do anything that I don’t do. I love giving a good show. You’re all gonna get it.” This is according to E!.

The singer then went on, however, to forget lyrics to his own songs. “Y’all got me forgetting s–t. I am in a different zone right now. If I go somewhere else, please join me on that trip, because it’s gonna be a good trip.” Does he think that the audience was so powerful and happy to see him that it caused him to fall flat? Nah, as the concert goers screamed out that they understood, referring to his situation with his daughter. So, what do the fans understand exactly? That he messed up the words because Bobbi was genuinely on his mind or because he was being punished for not being next to Bobbi? Let us know what you think!

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