Caitlyn Jenner As the Face of the Republican Party; It Could Happen

By on July 13, 2015


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When Bruce Jenner sat down with Diane Sawyer in his first tell-all interview, one thing came up that definitely shocked me. The man who was admitting to being transgender was also…a Republican?! It seemed like a conflict because transgender falls into the LGBT community and it just became legal for all states to perform gay weddings. Why a Republican, I could not help but ask myself. Now that Bruce has transitioned in to Caitlyn Jenner and goes by “her,” one would wonder if she would keep her political affiliation or just say nothing. Now, it seems as though she may become the new face of the Republican Party and it may not even be by choice.

The election is set for 2016 and Caitlyn’s new reality series will debut on July 26th, as the candidates are gearing up to announce their campaigns. National Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans, Gregory Angelo, spoke with E! about the possibility of Caitlyn coming front and center in the election. “Caitlyn Jenner is now a part of the 2016 narrative whether she wants to be or not. Whether Democrats or Republicans want her to be or not.” But according to Angelo, this could actually be a good thing: “One of the more interesting and exciting things about Caitlyn Jenner is that potential she has to bridge these two worlds of entertainment and politics.” She has already been backed by President Barack Obama, Republican candidate Rick Santorum and Grover Norquist, whom referred to Caitlyn as “solid Reagan Republican.” I wonder how Reagan would feel about that?

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Angelo had more to say on the matter: “What it has shown me is this is not a partisan issue. There is educational work that needs to be done on both sides. So whether Caitlyn is ready or not, she is high-profile. Political figures are weighing in on her and her politics, and I think there is a tremendous opportunity for her to use her own voice in all of this.” Essentially, supporting Caitlyn Jenner could mean opening up a whole new avenue of voters but I hope that they just do not use her for votes then go and change everything once elected. If she wants to join in on the political race, Angelo says that she is more than welcome. “There is an invitation on the table. I am letting Caitlyn Jenner’s agent know I would be more than happy to take her to Capitol Hill and introduce her to prominent Republicans.” I am super excited to see how this plays out!

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