Celebrity Wife Swap with Bachelors – Sean Lowe and Jason Mesnick Swap Wives

By on July 29, 2015

'catherine and sean lowe'

It is a Bachelor Swap on tonight’s Celebrity Wife Swap when former Bachelors Sean Lowe and Jason Mesnick have their wives Catherine and Molly switch homes.

Sean and Catherine Lowe live in Dallas, Texas with their two dogs, Lola and Ellie. Sean was The Bachelor during season 17 when the headlines were wall about Sean being a born again virgin and waiting until he got married to have sex with his wife, Catherine Giudice. Both Sean and Catherine are religious with Faith playing a central role in their relationship with the couple attending regular bible study with other married couples. Both Sean and Catherine want to have children together but are constantly argue over how many children they will have. The couple lives a very traditional lifestyle with Sean serving as the family breadwinner while Catherine is the homemaker taking care of their dogs, cleaning the entire house and doting on all of Sean’s needs like ironing his socks and clothes. Catherine also does all the cooking, which mainly has her putting together bland meals with no seasoning or flavor to provide Sean with “fuel.”

Jason Mesnick is a real estate agent and lives with his wife Molly live near Seattle, WA with their daughter Riley (2) and Jason’s son Ty (10), who lives with the couple part-time. Jason and Molly first met on Season Thirteen of “The Bachelor” where Jason initially passed over Molly, proposing to Melissa Rycroft, only to have a change of heart prompting a relationship with Molly that led to a wedding in 2010. Both Jason and Molly are passionate about their careers and find juggling the responsibilities of being parents, home life and work duties exhausting, especially with Molly’s early morning wake-up calls for her job as the co-host of a daily morning radio show, and a clingy toddler who doesn’t like to be away from her parents. Throughout the chaos of juggling career and family, Jason and Molly still find time for their relationship by planning special outings with just the two of them.

When it’s time for the swap, both Catherine and Molly are unsure of what they are getting into but soon after arriving to their new homes, they immediately recognize the new men in their lives since Molly even attended Catherine’s televised wedding. Soon after meeting their new husbands, Catherine stumbles into the role of working mom helping take care of Riley and as substitute co-host on Molly’s radio show, while Molly takes on Catherine’s responsibilities of taking care of Sean’s every need without taking into consideration her own interests and personal needs in Dallas. When it’s time for the rules change, both women are ready with everything from a chest wax and doggie car seats to baking cookies for Riley.

Keep Reading to see what happens when the lady swap places.

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