Celebs and Castmates Say Good Bye to General Hospital’s Anthony Geary

By on July 27, 2015
'luke spencers last day on general hospital'

Today, July 27, 2015, marks the day that Anthony Geary, the man who played the infamous, Luke Spencer, says good bye to General Hospital, after working on the hit daytime series for more than 30 years.

'luke spencers last day on general hospital'

Not only are fans devastated by the daytime legend riding off in the sunset, but so are other celebrities including his co-workers and many others. We have compiled some of the good bye messages for our readers:

Kristen Storms (Maxie): I am never going to forget working here and I saw you in the make up room and you told me I looked beautiful wearing red lipstick, I think I wore red lipstick for a month after that.  Thank you for being such a special part of mine and Brandon’s life and I don’t think she would be here without your amsterdam house. Which is kind of crazy.

Ian Buchanan (Duke Lavery): I am going to miss you like crazy but I know exactly where to find you. I love you. The best of luck to you my friend.

Laura Wright (Carly):  It has been such a pleasure working with you for the past 10 years. And getting to work with you on one of your last days is a gift to me and I am honored.  I wish you so much love, peace and joy.

It wouldn’t be a good bye if Genie Francis, who played Luke Spencer’s love interest and one half of the famous Luke and Laura, which received more than 30 million views for their wedding on You Tube, didn’t weigh in and say her goodbye:

“There are so many things I want to thank you for and I wouldn’t change a minute of our ride together. I’m so grateful it was you. I am very proud of it and I hope you can let yourself feel proud of it too. You are my soulmate, you are the best. I love you.”

We are going to miss seeing Luke Spencer and his crazy antics on General Hospital. He was the face of General Hospital and daytime tv.

While we have seen cast members of many television series come and go, especially when it comes to daytime television and soap operas, Anthony Geary was one of the finest to watch. We can only hope he pulls a Barbara Walters and makes a cameo very soon!

Good luck to Anthony Geary – we wish him the best!!


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