Chris Brown Victim of Home Invasion-Aunt Forced in Closet

By on July 15, 2015

'Chris Brown 131 Days in Jail'

Chris Brown’s aunt was forced into a closet after discovering masked intruders in her nephew’s home. Brown was not at home during the 2 a.m. home invasion. His aunt was upstairs alone when she heard noises. She went downstairs to investigate and discovered three men with faces covered by bandanas. One man was carrying a gun.

The intruders forced her into a closet and locked her in before ransacking the house. The men took cash, some electronics and a few other items. Luckily they did not harm Brown’s aunt.

The bad boy hip hop artist has been criticized for hanging out with gang members and throwing up gang signs. He has also had his own trouble with the law, first for his assault on Rihanna and later for testing positive for cannabis while on probation. He had very public meltdown after being asked about the domestic violence charges on Good Morning America. He reportedly tried to smash a window with a chair before running out onto Broadway shirtless. He has also been arrested for assault after getting into a fight during a basketball game.

Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins has had somewhat of a troubled relationship with her son. She is not happy about his choice of friends believing them to be hangers-on who don’t have the best influence on her son. Some reports have her claiming this as an inside job by some of his friends which would make sense considering they didn’t hurt his aunt when confronted.

This is not the first break-in at one of Brown’s homes. He had a female fan break into his home this past May hoping to satisfy her crush on the singer. This break-in was very different and could have had deadly consequences. The Robbery-Homicide Division is investigating the break-in.

Is Chris Browns’ mother right? Could it be the element he has been hanging out with? Since the assault chargers against him he has shown a darker side than when he first became famous and was loved as the adorable love of Rihanna. Since then he’s had probation troubles, new assault charges, love triangles, and even the birth of a daughter with his friend causing a more permanent break with Karreuche Tran.

Is he heading down a bad path? Was this an inside job pulled by those in his circle? Tell us what you think here at Haveuheard.

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