D.L. Hughley Claims That Caitlyn Jenner Looks Like Mrs. Doubtfire; Doesn’t Deserve ESPY Award

By on July 18, 2015

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Dude looks like a lady or at least according to comedian D.L. Hughley who took a jab at Caitlyn Jenner, claiming that she looked like Mrs. Doubtfire. He was running around town, saying all these things to TMZ and insulted the intergrity of the ESPY Awards and the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. The incident was avctually provoked by a TMZ reporter who approached the fifty-two year old former star of “The Hughleys” and one of “The Original Kings of Comedy.” The reporter made a comment about Caitlyn Jenner’s appearance and how good she looked. The question was then posed to D.L. Hughley as to what he thought of the transgender Olympian, who stunned at the ESPY’s while receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, an award that some thought she was not necessarily deserving of.


D.L. Hughley

D.L. Hughley

Hughley’s response to being asked if Caitlyn looked pretty? “No. In a Miss Doubtfire kind of way. Stop it.” Hughley went on to say that Caitlyn Jenner, 65 “looks like very P.E. teacher I’ve ever had.” Apparently, Caitlyn is the hot topic when it comes to comedy lately and that’s pretty sad that we live in a world where people would pay to watch someone insult another person for somethinhg that they cannot control. Make fun of bad plastic surgery or who the prettier Kardashian/Jenner is but not someone who is an inspiration for all the trans youth out there, someone trying to make an impact. While Caitlyn has remained mum on the insults because, as she said in her acceptance speech, she can handle the names thrown at her, D.L. is standing firm in what he did. He recently took to Twitter with a photo of both “Mrs. Doubtfire” and Caitlyn Jenner.

From D.L. Hughley's Twitter

From D.L. Hughley’s Twitter

Not only did Caitlyn address hurtful names in her speech, she addressed the number of transgender people commiting suicide because of bullying. Let us not forget that Robin Williams who played Mrs. D commited suicide. I think that people need to start thinking before they speak or take to social media because even if it does not hurt one person, it may be the knife in the heart of another. Fans of Caitlyn’s have come to her rescue and fought back at D.L. with one saying: “Wooow you are seriously so irresponsible to use your fame to ruthlessly bully this woman. What did Jenner do to u?? pathetic.” Another followed that up with: “I’ve now unfollowed on FB & Twitter. I don’t get your bullying. Always thought you’d support people living their true selves.”

To add fuel to the fire, D.L. said that there is no comaprison between Arthur Ashe and Caitlyn Jenner: “He fought AIDS with dignity and honor and Caitlyn Jenner put on a dress. I don’t think it’s the same thing. I think that Lauren Hill was courage in the name of sports. I think Arthur Ashe and Caitlyn Jenner have very little in common.” What do you think? Was D.L. wrong in stating his opinion or should he have free speech, even if it is horrifically offensive?

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