Dance Moms Recap 7/21/15- Solo Battle: Round 1

By on July 21, 2015
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“Dance Moms” is one of those shows that you have to wonder why any young girl would want to dance for Abby Lee Miller. Then you have to wonder why any mom would let their daughter dance for the Abby Lee Dance Company. In any case, it makes for great entertainment. You can keep up with “Dance Mom” right here.


Abby has moved the dancers to California in her new studio with the hopes that she can get some new amazing dancers. Problem is that she is very rarely around and Gianna is the one always teaching them. The moms want more classes but Abby does not seem to have time for that and when she does, she just mocks them. Kira has flown off the handle with Abby and is ready to take Kalani away from the ALDC which would kill the company since she is a really amazing dancer. She can do things that even Maddie cannot at time but we learned that Abby really has not seen Kalani’s potential. Last week, the competition was in Kalani’s home state of Arizona so Kira asked her former dance teacher to help choreograph her solo. What they saw was that Abby really did not know what genre to put Kalani in and that could be the reason she was not coming in first every time.

She was taken out of the group routine and was insulted that someone else was brought in to teach her student. Gianna was offended as well but they went to the competition and learned that Jeanette had taken over for Cathy with the Candy Apples. In the end, they defeated the Candy Apples and I was thrilled. I cannot stand how smug they are because I feel that the girls at the ALDC at least have a love for one another. But without Kalani and Abby’s dedication, will it just fall apart?

Tonight,¬†Jeanette officially takes over the Candy Apples and brings an epic routine featuring the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles to competition. Meanwhile, Abby tests the girls with a challenging prop and Kendall and JoJo go head-to-head in a bracket-style showdown to see who will get a solo at Nationals. Later, Kira and Kalani make a big decision that determines their future with the ALDC.

Keep reading to see what they decide.

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