Dance Moms Recap 7/28/15- Baby Dance Mama Drama

By on July 28, 2015
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“Dance Moms” makes me want to twirl into the studio and give Abby Lee Miller a piece of my mind. She can be so rude but tonight, I think she will soften up a bit. You can keep up with this season of “Dance Moms” right here.


This has been really hard for the girls to be in California as they are not getting the training that they are used to then they get yelled at when they come in second place. It’s really become completely unfair and the moms have attempted to take steps to help Abby with choreography by using connections but she just shuts them down. Right now, her biggest battle is with Kira as she is not afraid to stand up to Abby nor is she afraid to bring in her own trainers for daughter Kalani. Abby seemed to not be getting Kalani’s dance style, making her something she was not then getting upset when she was not dominating. The other moms are just puppets except for Holly whom has gone to great lengths to ensure that daughter Nia has great success outside of the dance studio.

Last week, JoJo and Kendall both got solos. Kendall placed third while JoJo forgot her routine and did not place at all. That means that Kendall will have to go against Maddie to see who will get a spot at Nationals. In terms of the group routine, they went up against the newly revamped Candy Apples, with Jeanette at the forefront. The Apples came in second while the ALDC kept the momentum high by placing first. During all of this, news broke that Kira was expecting a baby with her fiance but was very hush hush about it because there had been some complications. Maybe that was why she really did not care what Abby had to say and was determined to get Kalani to Nationals no matter what.

Tonight, Abby announces the ALDC’s Los Angeles grand opening party will coincide with Nationals in two weeks. Meanwhile, Kendall is given a solo and goes up against Maddie and Mackenzie to determine who gets the solo at Nationals. At the same time, the girls have fun with a bridesmaid-themed group dance and Kira announces she is five months pregnant.

Keep reading to see what happens when she makes the big reveal.

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