Dance Moms Recap 7/7/15- Where in the World Is Abby Lee Miller?

By on July 7, 2015
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“Dance Moms” has taken Los Angeles by storm but not in a good way. The moms are becoming more verbal towards Abby but the girls keep coming in behind another team and that is a major blow to everyone. You can keep up with this season of “Dance Moms” right here.


It is a horror show in LA because Abby is all over the place. She expects all of her girls to come in first place yet she is never around to help train them. All she is focused on is her new studio, which looks like crap but is supposed to open in the coming weeks. The moms pretty much know that will not happen and think Abby is delusional. When the moms realized that their kids were not getting the proper amount of attention from Abby and that she was not bringing in teachers to help, they took matters in to their own hands. Kira called Tessandra from “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” to come in and help train the girls. She agreed but when she showed up, Abby was not happy.

Abby acted like she had never met her before and asked why she was there. Tessandra said that she would not help the girls unless Abby approved which she did not because she is Abby and now it is time to prepare for the competition. Fail. The girls do not place first and second is worse than not placing at all, in Abby Lee Miller’s eyes. She wants to use her dancers to get the word out about her new LA studio but does not think that the girls are representing the Abby Lee Dance Company the way that they should be. But if Abby is never there, what are the girls supposed to think and/or do?

Tonight, each dancer gets a solo to determine who will earn a spot at the National competition in five weeks. Meanwhile, Kendall’s single keeps dropping while Nia meets with music producers to plan her next single. This one includes a rap, so Holly enlists the help of a special guest to get her daughter in the zone.

Keep reading to see how Abby reacts to all of this…if they can find her.

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