Demi Lovato Twitter Rant About Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez – Only Cares About Wilmer Valderrama

By on July 19, 2015
'demi lovato rant'

Demi Lovato has been shouting from the rooftops about how in love she is with boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama. While Lovato went on a twitter rant about how much she loves him, she also spoke about how she can forgive but can’t forget.

'demi lovato rant'
Last night, Lovato posted an adorable photo to Instagram showing her holding hands with her boyfriend, Valderrama. She included the caption:

He’s there for me when others aren’t… He supports me when others won’t… He loves me when others don’t. ❤️ (not engaged… yall are crazy 😂)

It’s ironic she is saying ‘y’all are crazy’ when fans ask if she is engaged, since she has been shouting from the rooftops how in love with Valderrama she is and even saying in interviews she would say yes if Valderrama asked her for her hand in marriage.

After she posted the message on Instagram, Lovato went on a Twitter rant saying the following:

It’s important to remember. Sometimes your words may be forgiven but they cannot be forgotten.. Are your words worth it?

And sometimes grudges aren’t meant to be held but when words cut deep enough… It makes it really hard to move on.

Compassion and empathy are key character traits to have in order to rebuild all relations with others.

Maybe the next time you want to cut someone down… Take a second to listen to what they have to say. Life’s too short to be mean.. ✌🏼️

Surround yourself with those who pick you up when others put you down.

It sounds as though Lovato is speaking about someone specific when she says that while grudges aren’t meant to be held, but  words can cut deep enough making it really hard to move on.

Who could Lovato have been speaking about? Was it her former friend Miley Cyrus who she is no longer friends with? She had stated back in 2014 she and Cyrus were no longer friends because people change and they have nothing in common anymore. She could have also been speaking about former friend Selena Gomez who she reportedly had a falling out with around the same time. This all happened close to the time Lovato was in rehab, leaving us to question if her time in rehab had anything to do with the friendships coming to an end. Were the ladies not there for her when she needed them most?

Who do you think she was ranting about? Leave a comment and let us know.

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