Donald Trump Accused of Assault by Ex-Wife Ivana Trump – His Spokesperson says ‘You Can’t Rape a Spouse’

By on July 28, 2015

The last thing the ex-host of the reality television series, Celebrity Apprentice, turned Presidental candidate, Donald Trump needs is one of his ex-wives saying she felt ‘assaulted’ while she was married to him.

'donald trump announces cast of celebrity apprentice'

In a book published in 1993 by author Harry Hurt III, there was a statement from Ivana Trump where she referred to a sexual encounter with her husband as ‘rape.’ Donald Trump has insisted there was no assault while he was married to his then wife, Ivana.

Whether the assault was true or not, spokesperson, Michael Cohen, threatened a reporter if the word rape was used in an article on The Daily Beast, the website would be ruined and he would take the Daily Beast for every penny they have and he will come after the website and everybody else they know. Michael Cohen then told the website. “So I’m warning you, tread very f**king lightly, because what I’m going to do to you is going to be f**king disgusting. You understand me?”

Why so nasty, Mr. Cohen? Being called a racist is bad enough – but Donald’s camp will not tolerate being called a rapist.

Ivana Trump spoke about the allegations and was forced to release a statement saying,

“I have recently read some comments attributed to me from nearly 30 years ago at a time of very high tension during my divorce from Donald. The story is totally without merit. Donald and I are the best of friends and together have raised three children that we love and are very proud of. I have nothing but fondness for Donald and wish him the best of luck on his campaign,” she later added, “Incidentally, I think he would make an incredible president.”

Cohen also issued an apology to CNN about his reaction saying:

“As an attorney, husband and father there are many injustices that offend me but nothing more than charges of rape or racism. They hit me at my core. Rarely am I surprised by the press, but the gall of this particular reporter to make such a reprehensible and false allegation against Mr. Trump truly stunned me. In my moment of shock and anger, I made an inarticulate comment – which I do not believe — and which I apologize for entirely.”

What are your thoughts on Michael Cohen’s reaction to Donald Trump being referred to as a rapist? And Ivana quickly making a statement that the story is without merit?

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