Donald Trump Goes on Tirade-Insults Celebrity Apprentice Contestant

By on July 17, 2015

The Celebrity Apprentice

Donald Trump is taking his presidential campaign in a new direction. He took time out from insulting immigrants and other candidates to set his sights on former Celebrity Apprentice runner-up Penn Jillette taking a swipe at the magician’s Vegas and Broadway shows.

Jillette is proving once again that he can take it responding that he is still very fond of the man who fired him, not once, but twice when he was a contestant on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. Trump was also told, “you’re fired,” by NBC after his inflammatory comments regarding Mexico and immigration.

Hours before Jillette was expected to appear on a local morning radio program, Trump sent out this Tweet:

He followed it up with another declaring that he “loved firing,” Jillette and calling him a “goofball atheist.”

For his part, Jillette had sent out his own Tweet to Trump saying:

Jillette also sent out a Tweet saying, “I wish someone would point out that I call myself a “goofball atheist with pride!”

Still there are no hard feelings by the juggling magic man despite some criticisms directed at Trump in a memoir where he called The Donald a “whackjob with the cotton candy piss hair.” He sent a letter of apology to Trump and went appeared for a second time on Celebrity Apprentice making it all the way to the end before losing out to country singer Trace Adkins. At the time Trump claimed to have forgiven Jillette for the comments though not many believed the forgiveness was genuine, at least not enough to become the Celebrity Apprentice. Adkins and Jillette developed a fondness for one another with Adkins making a donation to Jillette’s charity.

The Donald continued to bash Jillette writing, “The worst show in as Vegas,” adding, “New York show even worse!”

Penn Jillette is not holding a grudge though. He told the media, “I’ve always liked Trump for having no filter. I’m embarrassed to say I even like this. He’s never seen our show, and I think that matters.” It was also noted by Penn & Teller’s executive director that Trump hired Penn & Teller to headline at his Atlantic City casinos “a dozen or so times,” begging the question, does he really think Penn’s show is the worst?

Of course The Donald was also full of praise for Jillette during Celebrity Apprentice when during a blizzard, he was able to get Teller to the Barclay center and wow the executives leading his team to win the task.

Penn & Teller have been selling out audiences in Vegas for years and their show Penn & Teller on Broadway has been getting an enthusiastic reception from fans. The duo spent time with fans in the lobby taking selfies until every fan was satisfied.

Donald Trump run for the White House would be a public relations nightmare from many but he continues to go on his tirades, always standing by his words. He’s been dumped by Univision, NBC, Macy’s, yet has still held a strong lead in polls for GOP candidates. Not everyone has been as generous in their response as Penn Jillette.

What did you think of Donald Trump’s attack on Penn Jillette? Do you think Penn & Teller is the worst show in Vegas? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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