After the Final Rose: Nick and Shawn Kiss and Make Up – Nick Asks Kaitlyn Why She Said She Loved Him

By on July 27, 2015
'nick viall on the bachelorette'

Nick Viall and Shawn Booth were arch nemesis on The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe. There have never been two contestants who disliked each other as much as these too men did.

'nick viall on the bachelorette'

After weeks of watching Shawn call Nick ‘that guy’ the two of them finally sat down and spoke about their relationship with Chris Harrison as the ‘mediator.’ Nick expressed his frustration with Shawn that he tried to get to know him but was never given an opportunity. Chris asked Shawn if there was jealousy and Shawn said he didn’t believe that for one minute any man had a better connection with Kaitlyn than he did. He was not jealous of any one person. Nick spoke about Ben H. and his connection with Kaitlyn.

Chris asked Nick if it was tough that Kaitlyn downplayed their relationship when he came into the house. Nick said he knew if he stayed it was going to be difficult with both Kaitlyn and the men in the house. Nick and Shawn both admitted to being immature and agreed to an amicable ending. There was no hugging it out but at least they can be in the same room without a fist fight breaking out.

Nick also had the opportunity to speak with Kaitlyn where he asked her why she told him that she loved him? She answered by saying,

“I think that’s what happens in this world. At the end of the day, no love I had is as strong as the love I had for Shawn.”

Kaitlyn spoke about her relationship with Nick before she became The Bachelorette saying, she trusted him, it was easy, it was natural and something they both looked forward to. They both agreed they had a strong connection before Kaitlyn became The Bachelorette.

Nick did express to Kaitlyn that she should have sent him home before he picked the ring out and almost proposed to her. He asked her to send him home whenever she knew it wasn’t going to be him.

Nick definitely handled himself much better than he did when he was the runner up with Andi Dorfman, where he revealed they had sex in the fantasy suite.

What do you think about Nick and Shawn finally acting like grown adults??

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