General Hospital Recap for 6/29/15 – 7/3/15

By on July 4, 2015

This week on General Hospital, Luke and Laura face their big bad enemy; Dante believes the worst of Lulu; Michael does a heroic thing; and Jake asks Sam to work with him to take down Nikolas.

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At the Falconeri loft Valerie assures Dante that she is here for him. She asks him to wait until morning to go after Lulu. Dante, who is convinced that Lulu is cheating on him with Dillon, leans in to kiss Valerie. Valerie initially kisses him back, but pulls away. She knows this is a mistake and tries to get Dante to understand that. Dante insists it’s not, but soon realizes that it totally is. He apologizes profusely. Valerie assures him that they are still friends and leaves.

Meanwhile in British Columbia Dillon makes Lulu read his script while they wait for the kidnappers to contact Luke and Laura. Who carries a copy of their script around with them? Lulu declares the story unbelievable, but Dillon says it’s based on them. Hm, that seems a little too convenient. And wouldn’t writing about his first love Georgie, who was murdered, provide more inspiration?

Down the hall Luke and Laura draw their guns when someone breaks into their room. They are shocked to see Holly Sutton, who explains that Ethan has been kidnapped. She found a book of matches that led her to this hotel. Laura says that Lucky has also been kidnapped. Just then Laura’s phone rings and it’s the kidnapper telling them that they will receive more instructions in the morning.

Back in Port Charles Nina confronts Ric. Is he Madeline’s lawyer? As Madeline listens from the bedroom, Ric assures Nina that he is not her mother’s lawyer. He convinces Nina to return downstairs for dinner, giving Madeline enough time to change back into her clothes and sneak out. Later Ric convinces Nina to sign some paperwork, including giving power of attorney to him.

Kiki and Morgan are also at the Metro Court restaurant watching Franco make out with Denise. Morgan is totally upset, and Kiki warns Franco not to hurt her aunt. Morgan follows Denise to the ladies room where he demands she stop seeing Franco. Denise, who is really Ava in disguise, reminds Morgan that they almost slept together, so being with Franco is a good thing. It will keep her away from Morgan and possibly hurting Kiki.

Sonny and Carly are stunned when Michael and Sabrina bring Avery home to Sonny. Michael explains this doesn’t mean he has forgiven Sonny for killing AJ, but Lucy made him realize this is the right thing to do. Sonny swears he will do right by Avery, and is absolutely delighted to give the baby a bottle and tuck her into bed. Michael returns to Sabrina’s place where he is devastated, but he kisses Sabrina and they finally make love. The next morning Michael has a hard time coping with Avery’s absence, but Sabrina accompanies him back to the mansion where they find Denise yelling at Tracy, wanting to see Avery. Michael explains that Avery lives with Sonny now, which greatly upsets Denise. So she immediately heads to Sonny’s house. Hm, anyone else think that Ava needs to play her cards right, as in schedule visits in order to earn impromptu visits? She forgets that she is still pretty much a stranger to Avery and her caregivers. Sonny pretty much tells Denise that it will be a cold day in hell before he lets her spend time with Avery—and by the way, stay away from Morgan!

Dante stops by Sonny’s to ask him to watch Rocco while he flies to British Columbia in pursuit of Lulu. Sonny highly doubts that Lulu is cheating on Dante, but Dante seems convinced, especially when he breaks into Lulu’s room that she is sharing with Dillon—and finds her clothes strewn across the floor.

Lulu didn’t have time to pick up after herself because Luke just informed her that Ethan has been kidnapped too! Meanwhile Laura and Holly discuss Luke. Holly apologizes for sleeping with Luke while he was married to Laura, but she explains she did not know. Luke never mentioned Laura or Lucky. By the time she learned she was pregnant with Ethan, Luke was long gone. Hm, was it Luke who slept with Holly or his alter personality? Later Laura and Holly get a chilling photo of Lucky and Ethan bound and gagged in a concrete room. After examining the photo, the gang realizes that the young men are giving them clues, using poker hand signals. They get an address out of it, 3 Jackson St., and find an old warehouse there. Lulu and Dillon pose as a pregnant couple to distract the guards, allowing Luke, Laura and Holly to ambush other guards. Luke heads into the warehouse to find Lucky gone and Ethan standing on a … bomb! Ethan orders Luke to leave, but Luke attempts to save Ethan. He ends up pushing Ethan off of the bomb, but strangely, it does not go off. Meanwhile Lulu and Dillon’s ruse is up when their “baby” falls out of Lulu’s shirt. They fight off the guards and return to Luke with Holly and Laura. They learn Lucky escaped and are about to leave with Ethan when the big bad boss walks in… Frank Smith?!

Back in Port Charles Elizabeth and Jake are enjoying breakfast at Kelly’s when Nikolas enters. Nikolas offers Jake a job at ELQ, but Jake throws it—literally—back in Nikolas’ face. He also has some vitriolic words for him, too. Later Elizabeth hugs Jake while exchanging a worried look with Nikolas.

Jake heads to the Q mansion where he apologizes to Michael for not realizing sooner that it was Nikolas who wanted ELQ. He spews a much of stuff about honor, which reminds Michael of Jason. Michael then hires Jake to help him get ELQ back. Meanwhile Sam bumps into Nikolas at Kelly’s where they have an ugly fight over family and what Nikolas did to the Quartermaines. Sam calls Patrick seeking comfort when Jake arrives. Jake proposes that they team up to get ELQ back for the Quartermaines, starting with Sam providing whatever dirt she has on Nikolas.

Franco stops by the hospital to talk to his only friend, Dr. Obrecht. He tells her about his faux romance with Denise and wonders why Denise would play along. Dr. O thinks it’s because of Morgan. Meanwhile Morgan can’t stop thinking of Denise, even when Kiki seduces him while wearing a patriotic bikini.

Denise goes to Sonny’s house to see Avery, but Sonny pretty much throws her out. Distraught Denise heads to Silas’s place where she encounters a towel-clad Morgan. Morgan is surprised to hear that Avery is back home with Sonny and promises to talk to Sonny on Denise’s behalf. He also says that he is super attracted to her because she reminds him so much of Ava. Since he doesn’t want to hurt Kiki, he thinks they need to stay away from each other. Denise agrees, but looks pretty sorry about it.

Meanwhile Franco runs into Kiki at Kelly’s. He reveals that his romance with Denise is a ruse to make Nina jealous—and that Denise went along with it to avoid being set up with Silas. He also thinks there is something going in between Denise and Morgan. Kiki doesn’t think so.

Dante returns home to tell Valerie that while he didn’t see Lulu or Dillon, he found their room. He truly believes they are having an affair. Valerie is sorry to hear that and stays to watch fireworks with Dante.

Spencer wearing a ridiculous yet adorable Uncle Sam hat, asks his dad why he took ELQ. Nikolas tries to explain that the family fortune isn’t what it used to be. Spencer doesn’t think it would be so bad to poor and urges his dad to return the company. Nikolas promises to think about it and they head to the park to watch the fireworks.

Carly and Sonny watch the fireworks together. Sonny tells Carly that Lulu may have cheated on Dante, but Carly finds that hard to believe. Sonny says he is more worried about Morgan and Denise, even adding that he warned Denise to stay away from Morgan.

Meanwhile Denise is none too thrilled when Franco tells her that he admitted the true nature of their faux romance to Kiki. Denise is worried that Kiki will blow their cover. She gets even more upset when Morgan calls to say that he couldn’t convince Sonny to allow her to see Avery. Denise begins to weep, saying that Avery will now never know her mother. When Franco corrects her to say that she is merely Avery’s aunt, Denise insists that she is Avery’s mother. Uh, did Ava just blow her cover?

Kiki meets up with Morgan at the park to watch fireworks. She laughs, saying that Franco thinks Denise has the hots for Morgan. Morgan gets uncomfortable as he says that’s silly. Kiki agrees, but seriously, how blind is that girl? Everyone can see how much Morgan and Denise want each other!

Back in British Columbia Luke, Laura, Holly, Lulu, Dillon, and Ethan come face to face with Frank Smith! Luke thought he had killed his former mob boss years ago, but Frank reveals that he had suffered a spinal injury instead. He attempts to kill Luke, but shoots Ethan in the arm instead. He orders everyone to leave except for Luke and Laura. Lulu and Dillon refuse and try to return, only to hear a gunshot!

What do you think, GH fans? Were you surprised to see Frank Smith? Where did Lucky go? Who will get together first: Denise and Morgan or Dante and Valerie?

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