General Hospital Recap for July 20 to July 24, 2015 – Anthony Geary’s Last Days

By on July 25, 2015
'general hospital recaps'

This week on General Hospital………Luke makes a huge decision; Sam and Carly learn that little Jake is alive; Ric and Madeline continue to manipulate Nina; and Laura learns something interesting.

'general hospital recaps'

Lulu waits for Luke at the Haunted Star. When he arrives, he tells Lulu that little Jake is alive and that Tracy hasn’t quite forgiven him. Actually, it’s the opposite. She jumped into bed with Paul, Dillon’s dead beat dad.

Meanwhile Dillon’s attempts to get his mom to forgive Luke are thwarted by Paul and pancakes. As they sit down to eat together, Dillon observes how weird it is to be with both his parents doing something normal as this never happened ever in his life. Paul says he wants to make amends with Dillon, but Dillon isn’t into it. Tracy listens to them bicker over her and Luke and heads to the Haunted Star to talk to Luke.

Elizabeth brings little Jake to General Hospital for a check-up with Patrick. Tears flood Patrick’s eyes as he realizes that little Jake is alive. He knows how that feels because of Robin; he also wonders if Jake was held at Crichton Clark with Robin. Elizabeth shakes her head. She doesn’t know all the details, but she doesn’t care right now. All she cares about is that her son is home! Patrick gives Jake a full check-up and declares him in good health. He also asks Elizabeth to consider telling Sam, who will probably want Danny to have a relationship with his brother. Elizabeth realizes then she will have to tell everyone that Jake is really Jason’s son since only a handful of folks know that.

At Wyndemere Laura is disappointed to learn that Lucky has left town. She is not surprised at all. She had hoped that Lucky would have stayed to be a father to his two sons. (Uh, Laura, he has three since he adopted Cameron.) Elizabeth arrives with little Jake hoping to catch Lucky. When she learns he left, Laura takes Jake to the kitchen, but she accidentally overhears Nikolas admit to Elizabeth that he told Lucky that big Jake was really Jason. Later Laura lets Nikolas know what she overheard. Nikolas coldly reminds his mother that he keeping this secret to help Elizabeth, to keep families intact. Isn’t that what Laura did when she kept his existence a secret for close to twenty years? Touche, Nikolas!

Jake visits Carly at Sonny’s house to tell her that little Jake is alive. At first Carly is happy for Elizabeth, but upset that Jason did not live long enough to know his son is alive. Then she becomes livid when she realizes that Josslyn did not inherit Jake’s kidney, but from unknown person. Whose kidney does Joss have?! Jake comforts Carly, saying she will make everything okay for Josslyn.

At the PCPD Valerie tries act normal around Dante, but Dante pulls her into the interrogation room to reiterate that he wants to make his marriage to Lulu work. And for Valerie to keep their one night stand a secret. Valerie promises as she realizes that Lulu is probably out to get her. And sure enough Lulu glares at Valerie when she arrives to meet Dante for lunch. Valerie tries to play it cool, but Lulu won’t let her. Lulu accuses her trying to steal Dante. Valerie explains she was trying to be his friend and hey, they wouldn’t be in this situation if Lulu hadn’t lied! Lulu can’t believe what she is hearing as she insists she did what she had to do to save her brothers. Valerie uses the family angle to defend herself, asking Lulu to remember that she is her cousin and while it hasn’t been easy, can Lulu remember that family is important to her? Valerie says she is trying her best to find her way. Lulu softens just a smidge, but it’s pretty clear she is never going to like Valerie.

Meanwhile Jordan summons Dante into her office to reprimand him for sleeping with Valerie. Dante takes offense, saying what happens in his own home is his business, and he’s surprised that Jordan knows everything. He promises that Valerie is okay with keeping their night a secret and that it won’t affect their work place. Jordan makes a face. Yeah, right, buddy!

Maxie returns from visiting Georgie in Portland to find her apartment decked out with flowers and a welcome home banner. Nathan surprises her with kisses, knowing that she would be sad after leaving Georgie. Maxie admits she is and that Ellie, Spinelli and Georgie have a great family dynamic going, but Georgie knows who her mama is. Nathan then cheers Maxie up with some shower sex.

Sonny is about to explain to TJ about the shots fired at his place when Julian arrives. Julian insists that it wasn’t him, but Sonny brings up Shakespeare and some other stuff that is meant to be a threat—or to showcase how smart Sonny is, it’s not clear. Julian is greatly amused.

At the Metro Court restaurant Sam joins her mom and asks if Julian really is out of the mob business. Alexis says it’s true, but Sam has difficulty believing that. She cites the last time Julian said he was out and ten minutes later, Lucas was shot.

Luke is thrilled to see Tracy. He offers her engagement ring back when she announces she has forgiven him. Tracy shakes her head. She explains that being with Paul the other day reminded her of how she used to be. This past year was so hard between Luke and ELQ that she lost herself. She thinks Luke needs to take the time to figure himself out, away from her. Luke realizes she is right, but he doesn’t like it. They share a tearful goodbye, leaving Luke devastated and Tracy to have lunch with her only gal pal, Sabrina.

While Sabrina encourages Tracy to find something different, apart from Luke and ELQ (we get the sense she is speaking from experience), Michael approaches Luke at the Haunted Star to ask if he can demolish the house on Elm Street to make way to the AJ Quartermaine Clinic. Luke gives his blessing and later heads to the house itself where he draws out a gun…

At General Hospital Sam bumps into Jake, who tells her about little Jake. Sam is excited for Danny to get to know his big brother and also worries about whose kidney Josslyn has. Carly has the same question and goes to Lucas for answers. Lucas suggests that Brad run some lab work to find out. Meanwhile Brad bumps into Felix in the locker room showers, where Felix urges him to tell Lucas about his big secret. Brad realizes he can’t and attempts to break up with Lucas. Lucas is understandably upset. Brad explains he still wants to marry Lucas; he can’t because he is already married! Before Brad can say to whom, Lucas is called to the ER.

Elizabeth and little Jake arrive to get his test results. Sam sees them and bursts into tears as she introduces herself to Jake. Carly does the same; both women are overwhelmed by how much Jake resembles Jason. Little Jake quips that everyone seems to cry when they meet him. Poor kid. He must be so confused!

Luke enters the Elm Street house with a gun. He looks ready to kill himself when the ghost of his father, Tim appears. Tim taunts Luke until Luke almost pulls the trigger. The ghost of teenage Patricia runs downstairs and stops Luke. She convinces him that this is wrong; if he kills himself, then all her sacrifice would have been for nothing. Luke insists that all he does is hurt people. Patricia realizes that if she can’t save Luke, then someone else can—their mom! Luke’s mother, who looks a lot like Carly, appears to tell Luke how she doesn’t hate him, what he did was an accident, and how proud she is of the person he became. Luke slowly puts the gun down and cries as his mother holds his hands.

Bobbie summons Valerie to the Metro Court to talk about Lucas’ wedding, but when she notices Valerie’s pale face when Lulu is mentioned, Bobbie asks her what’s up. Valerie confides that she seems to be in the middle of Dante and Lulu’s marriage—and Lulu hates her! Bobbie gives Valerie a photo of her mother when she was very young and reminds Valerie how much Patricia loved her. Later Valerie feels the ghost of her mother hugging her as she cries.

Bobbie rushes to the Elm Street house just in time to see Luke put the gun away. She angrily asks what is going on. Luke announces that he knows what he wants to do with the rest of his life now. He intends to leave town tonight. They share a few memories, especially of the ones where they have each other’s backs.

Nathan finds Dante exercising, or rather, trying to exorcise his demons at the gym. Dante confides that he slept with Valerie. Meanwhile Lulu tells Maxie that Dante kissed Valerie.

Sabrina and Michael have a date at the boathouse where Michael tries to coax Sabrina into the water. Sabrina playfully protests, saying it’s too cold and she pushes Michael into the water. They head into the boathouse to warm up where they make love. Michael declares his extreme affection for her and Sabrina does the same.

Nathan and Maxie are about to sit down for lunch at the Metro Court when Madeline interrupts. She invites herself to join them to talk about Nina. Madeline asks a reluctant Nathan to check on Nina, saying that Nina has been hearing phantom baby cries. After Nathan leaves, Madeline turns to Maxie. Now that they are alone, she can discuss Nathan’s relationship with Maxie!

Meanwhile Nina returns home from a shopping trip to find a crib…with a baby inside, wrapped in Avery’s blanket. Nina runs into the bedroom, allowing Ric to quickly get rid of the crib. Nina later tearfully tells Rick that she must be going crazy. Maybe it’s her subconscious trying to tell her that she did kidnap Avery and blacked it out! Ric texts Madeline to tell her that they are ready for phase 2 of their plan. Nathan arrives to talk to Nina, but finds Avery’s blanket in the living room. Uh-oh!

Morgan is at the gym trying to forget about Denise when Kiki arrives. Kiki tells him that she is going out of town for a bachelorette party, but first she wants to see Denise first. Meanwhile Franco confronts Denise (aka Ava) about her tryst with Morgan. He knows it was Morgan in here with her the other day, not Julian with Alexis in the other room. Ava confesses that yes, it was Morgan, and they are attracted to each other as they were from the first day. Franco chastises her for sleeping with Kiki’s boyfriend and threatens to tell Kiki the truth—just as Kiki knocks on the door.

Laura bumps into Scotty at the Metro Court where she tries to confide in him about her dilemma with Nikolas. She is stunned when Bobbie arrives to say that Luke is leaving town—tonight! Meanwhile Luke is along at the Elm Street house with the ghost of his teenage self. He apologizes for squandering his life as his younger self says it’s all about redemption now. Luke smiles as he follows his teen self out the door.

What do you think, GH fans? Will Laura spill the beans on Jake? Is this the last we will see of Luke? How many more people will learn about Valerie and Dante’s one-night stand before Lulu does? And why doesn’t Morgan realize that Denise is really Ava?

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