General Hospital Recap for July 6 to July 10

By on July 11, 2015
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This week on General Hospital…Luke gets a huge surprise; Ava reveals herself to Franco; and Dante makes the biggest mistake of his life.

'general hospital'


Sam and Patrick are watching fireworks in the park with Danny when Danny runs off. It seems Danny has a sixth sense for Jake, because he runs right to where Elizabeth, Jake, and Aidan are. Elizabeth is uncomfortable with how much Jake enjoys being with Danny. She is even upset seeing how much Jake loves to play with Aidan. When Jake wishes he had his own children, Elizabeth nearly has a heart attack. Later when Jake notices how quiet Elizabeth is, Elizabeth says she is worried about Lucky. He hasn’t been in contact lately and it’s bothering her and Aidan. Elizabeth and Patrick go to get food or something, leaving Jake alone with Sam and Danny. They agree that they can’t tell their significant others about their investigation into Nikolas and their work to get ELQ back for Michael. Hm, we all know what keeping secrets leads to!

Meanwhile Dante grows increasingly upset as he rants to Valerie about Lulu’s supposed affair. He ends up kissing Valerie and this time, she doesn’t push him away. In fact she jumps on him, and Dante carries her to his bed—you know, the one he shares with Lulu. Ew!

In British Columbia Dillon struggles to keep Lulu outside when they hear gunshots from inside the warehouse. They rush in to find Frank Smith about the shoot Luke and Laura, but Lucky bursts in to save the day! Frank is shot, but attempts to shoot the Spencers as they share a warm reunion with Lucky. Frank snarls that Lucky was in on this, but Luke kills him anyway. Later Luke has to know what Frank meant. Lucky explains he was forced to help Frank lure Luke—because his son Jake is alive! Say what now?

At Kelly’s Franco and Denise (aka Ava in disguise) continue their conversation about their faux romance and Avery. Denise insists that she is Avery’s mother. When Franco doesn’t comprehend what she means, Denise snaps. She is Ava! She explains to a flabbergasted Franco how she survived cancer (thanks to Silas) and came to town pretending to be Denise so she can be a part of Avery and Kiki’s lives. Franco agrees to keep Denise’s secret as long as she helps him get Nina back and he helps her get closer to Avery.

The next morning at GH Lucas asks Brad about getting their parents together for dinner. Brad is super reluctant, probably because (as he admits to Felix later) that he lied to Lucas about his adopted parents. Naturally Felix urges Brad to tell the truth, but Brad seeks distraction when Lucas needles Patrick about putting a ring on Sam’s finger.

Meanwhile Sam meets up with Jake at Kelly’s where she proposes they break into Wyndemere to find dirt on Nikolas—and use said dirt to blackmail him into giving ELQ back. Jake reiterates that he doesn’t want to tell Elizabeth what they are doing because Elizabeth is friends with Nikolas.

Elizabeth is at Wyndemere where she tells Nikolas how worried she is about Lucky. And she can’t seem to find Lulu either. Nikolas finds that odd, seeing as he hasn’t heard from his mom either.

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