Halle Berry Back in Court- Wants Gabriel Aubry to Stop Mooching

By on July 14, 2015


Halle Berry is back in court hoping a judge will lower the amount of child support she pays to her former love, Gabriel Aubry. Berry is reportedly tired of paying $16,000 a month and would like the payments to be closer to $3000 monthly.

Berry and Aubry once blissfully co-parented little Nahla, now 7, before their acrimonious break-up. Berry moved on and married Olivier Martinez and had a son with him. Martinez famously had a fight with Aubry in which he punched the handsome model in his face, something Aubry claims has interfered with his ability to find work.

Aubry shares joint custody of Nahla with Berry but even that came after a custody battle in which Berry tried to convince a judge to let her take the child and move to France. Aubry adamantly refused claiming it would severely limit his parenting time with his daughter. Allegations of abuse were made by both sides with there being rumors that Berry accused Aubry of bleaching and straightening Nahla’s hair in an attempt to make her more white.

Berry lost her bid to move to France and was ordered to share custody, and to pay Aubry $16,000 a month in support. She is now trying to convince a judge that its too much and that Aubry is using the money to avoid working. She wants to pay what she believes to be a fair amount for when Nahla is with her father and she believes fair is way below what she’s paying.

Aubry does not appear to have any permanent damage though his face was pretty battered after the Thanksgiving brawl with Martinez. Aubry later filed a restraining order against Martinez who was Berry’s fiancee at the time. Both men claimed the other started the fight though pictures show Aubry was on the losing end of that fight. He was hospitalized with a a swollen and bruised face and broken ribs.

That fight was reportedly over the cost of the custody battle with Martinez, according to Aubry, threatening to kill Aubry and also approaching him at Nahla’s school play saying he wished he could “beat the sh– out of you right now.”

It doesn’t look like the situation is getting any better between the two sides with Berry back in court trying to reduce support payments. She believes Aubry should be working and is mooching off of her and hopes to get a judge to agree.

Is Halle Berry right that Gabriel Aubry is mooching off of her and should go out and get a job? If it was a male celebrity calling the mother of his child a mooch would there be an uproar? Tell us what you think here at Haveuheard.

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