Nick Viall from The Bachelorette Wished Kaitlyn Said She Was Sorry for Letting Him Propose

By on July 28, 2015
'nick viall on the bachelorette'

Have U Heard spoke with Nick Viall, the runner up from The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe where we discussed his relationship with Kaitlyn and how he felt about her versus last season’s Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, in addition to his disappointment with his conversation with Kaitlyn on After the Final Rose.

'nick viall on the bachelorette'

Nick spoke about After the Final Rose and his conversation with Kaitlyn, saying he already had the closure he needed from Kaitlyn because the relationship felt much more real than with Andi Dorfman. Since Kaitlyn and Nick had a relationship before he came on the show the relationship was built on trust. Nick had told Kaitlyn repeatedly she should let him go when she knew it wasn’t going to be him, so when she let him go through with the proposal, their trust was broken. Nick had hoped for an apology from Kaitlyn when they spoke on the ATFR, which never happened.

We asked Nick why he seemed so much more heart broken with Andi than with Kaitlyn on the After the Final Rose  and he explained his relationship with Kaitlyn was very different and while he didn’t show it on the breakup with Kaitlyn was far more difficult at first. I remember watching the show with Andi and then the season with Kaitlyn and it was far more difficult watching the show with Kaitlyn. He said they built this relationship and because of the trust that was broken, it was much harder to watch. With Kaitlyn there weren’t any unknowns, like there were with Andi. Once the decision was made, I knew I needed to accept it and move on.

Nick said, “With Andi it was harder to let go because I didn’t have the closure. With Kaitlyn I didn’t need After the Final Rose to move forward. I didn’t need any specific answers from Kaitlyn. I felt like it was a more real relationship with Kaitlyn. He continued, “I didn’t come on for closure. I would have preferred an apology for allowing me to almost propose to her.”

As for his thoughts during the proposal and how he felt riding away in the limo? Nick said he should have known by the look on Kaitlyn’s face since she looked incredibly nervous. He said, “There was a moment when I got emotional and she grabbed my hand and said it would be okay. I took that as a positive.” Nick’s goal was to keep his composure and not lose perspective. I didn’t know what to think in the moment. In the limo, there was a lot of feelings of sadness, anger and frustration.

Would Nick ever do the show again? Would he be The Bachelor? Is the 3rd time a charm? Nick spent the past few months on moving forward but did say, “I think anyone would feel lucky to be considered as The Bachelor. It’s not easy. It’s a difficult process.”

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