Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer New BFF’s – Vacation Together – Unlikely Duo

By on July 31, 2015
'amy schumer and jennifer lawrence bff'

The Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer friendship has people everywhere wondering how. did. that. happen? Let’s face it – Lawrence and Schumer are an unlikely duo. We have seen celebrity friendships that seem more likely – Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston and Cortney Cox and even Nicole Richie and Cameron Diaz but the Lawrence/Schumer combo – just has us surprised!

'amy schumer and jennifer lawrence bff'

It was only July 9th when Schumer posted a video on Twitter of her reaction to Jennifer Lawrence mentioning her name at Comic-Con. If they were already friends at that point – would Schumer have gotten so excited about Lawrence mentioning her name? That would be like Lea Remini being all giddy when Jennifer Lopez mentions her name. They are so close, it probably wouldn’t phase her.

Since the video was posted, Schumer has been busy posting photos of her and Jennifer Lawrence on a jet-ski, making a human pyramid with friends and lounging with friends on a huge tube in the ocean. The ladies, who appear to be on vacation together, seem to be having a great time with their friends. Amy later posted a photo with her dog saying, ‘We are on island time.’ No one else in the photos appear to be celebrities.

Lawrence left her on again/off again boyfriend, Chris Martin, at home and took a break from apartment shopping in New York City for the vacation, while Schumer just premiered her new comedy, Trainwreck, which is said to be hysterical.

What do you think about this unlikely duo? It’s definitely an interesting combination.

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