Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin Moving In Together in NY Near Gwyneth Paltrow?

By on July 1, 2015
'jennifer lawrence moving in with chris martin'

Are Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin moving in together?

'jennifer lawrence moving in with chris martin'

The couple, who have been dating on and off for more than a year, may just be moving in together in New York. Lawrence has been seen out and about in New York City looking for the perfect apartment.

What is the criteria for the perfect apartment? Rumor has it the major criteria is that the location is close to Chris Martin’s ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow. While it may seem like a bit of an odd request, because who wants to be very close to their boyfriend’s ex-wife? It seems that Paltrow has made the demand of her ex-husband and since s**t rolls down hill, Martin may just have convinced his girlfriend it was a good idea. How close are we talking? How about only a few hundred feet?

Lawrence is said to be looking at luxury multi-bedroom apartment buildings costing upwards of $8 million. Of course there will be a pool, gym and other luxuries we would come to expect of an expensive apartment.

Paltrow has been accused of being controlling, but demanding your husband and his girlfriend live close seems a bit extreme. Are these rumors or do you think there is any truth behind the latest gossip?

Paltrow has been caught up in plenty of negative press – especially when it comes to her website,, a lifestyle website that has been accused of being a bit on the snooty side. Most recently, Paltrow was in the news for failing miserably at a $29 food stamp challenge. The challenge by chef Mario Batali and the Food Bank For New York City to live on $29, what families on food stamps live on for a week. After only four days, the actress broke and had chicken and fresh vegetables.

Lawrence and Martin have been dating since June 2014 with a brief break in between, but seem to be together again and going strong – despite Martin’s ex-wife.

What do you think about Lawrence living so close to Martin’s ex-wife? Would you be able to do it?

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