Jimmy Fallon Almost Had Finger Amputated – Now Knows the Meaning of Life

By on July 14, 2015
'jimmy fallon finger almost amputated'

Jimmy Fallon has returned to The Tonight Show, following a two week break, after he almost had his finger amputated as the result of a bizarre accident.

'jimmy fallon finger almost amputated'

Upon his return to his late night talk she, the comedienne revealed what happened and how bad the injury really was, beginning with the bandage around his ring finger.

According to Fallon he tripped and fell on a braided rug his wife loves, that he is now hoping to burn to the ground. He told the audience,

“I tripped and fell, and I caught my fall, and I’m getting up and my finger is sideways. It looked fake – it looked like a cheap horror movie where you see a broken finger.”

There is actually a term for what happened to Fallon, it is called a “ring avulsion”, caused by his ring being caught on a counter top in his kitchen as he fell over. It basically pulled his finger off. He was sent to a specialist at Bellevue hospital in New York, where he underwent six hours of micro surgery.

A doctor had to take a vein from his foot and put it inside his finger to save the finger – though in many cases the finger is usually amputated.

During his 10 day stay in ICU, Jimmy took the time to read the book, “The Meaning of Life,” and offered to share the meaning of life with the audience over a drink. After reading the book Fallon said, “I belong on tv, I should be hear to talk to people and to make people laugh. That’s my job and that is why I am here.”

Despite the 10 day stay in ICU, Fallon was able to joke about the experience saying, “I should say the fall was funny – I’m a comedian so I have to fall funny.”

While Jimmy was in the hospital he read, watched the movie Duff three times and designed a new type of wedding ring.

It’s good to have Jimmy back. He is definitely one of the best late night talk show hosts out there!

He ended the segment thanking the “angels” that had looked after him at the hospital.

Check out the video below.

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