Kelly Rutherford Loses Bid For Custody of Children Again

By on July 23, 2015
'kelly rutherford custody war'

'kelly rutherford custody war'

Kelly Rutherford is having a hard time regaining custody of her two children from her ex-husband. It seemed as though a judge’s ruling would allow for the former “Gossip Girl” star and her children Hermes, 8 and Helena, 6 with Daniel Giersch to be reunited this summer. Now it looks like it will take a little bit more than that. Sadly, Rutherford has claimed that he has cleaned her out with all the legal fees she has had to pay to fight for her children to come to stay with her in America. The children have been living in Monaco with Daniel and this was to be the summer of success but now a California court is saying that they have no jurisdiction over the matter, according to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark Juhas earlier today.

He has stated that: “The Court does not believe that it is obligated to relinquish jurisdiction to Monaco, only that it acknowledge that it no longer has jurisdiction over the children.” So Rutherford can still fight for custody but the California legal system does not have to have anything to do with it which will mean more traveling and more fees on the actresses behalf. It all started in 2012 when the kids were sent to Monaco with Daniel upon his Visa not being renewed. In essence, I blame him but that is just me; I am no way affiliated with this case nor do I know those involved. According to Rutherford, she has been back and forth to Monaco roughly seventy times thus far and that is just an estimate meaning it could be more; that is a lot of frequent flyer miles.

I think that she should have custody and he should be responsible for finding his way to America. David Glass, attorney for Rutherford, had this to say today: “We are extremely disappointed. This court set up the current situation whereby my client was forced to live bi-coastally, but now, the court appears to be holding it against her. Likewise, the court created the situation whereby the children would lose their connections to California, and despite the Judgment’s language precluding the passage of time from creating new jurisdiction, that is exactly what has happened.” We wish both parties all the best and hope for the best resolution.

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