Kelly Rutherford Speaks Out About Custody War on The View

By on July 6, 2015
'kelly rutherford custody war'

Kelly Rutherford appeared on The View on July 6, 2015, where she discussed the ongoing custody battle she has been a part of since her ex-husband took her children to Monaco and refused to allow them to visit their mother.

'kelly rutherford custody war'

Rutherford spoke about the children coming to visit her for the first time in three years saying,

“This is a victory for me because their father has only let me see them 11 days this year in Europe. The last time I went, the kids were expecting to see me and he said, unless you hand over the U.S. passports, you can’t see them.”

In 2012 Rutherford’s ex-husband had his Visa revoked. The California court ruled that while her ex was working out the Visa issues in Monaco, he could take the children with him. The children, who are American citizen children, left the United States and never returned. There are no allegations that Kelly had done anything wrong. The kids were born in the U.S. and lived in the U.S. The children were sent to Europe because the father’s Visa was revoked but as a result of the initial ruling in California, the children have not been with their mom in three years.

The kids were supposed to be able to come visit Kelly but her ex-husband, Daniel, refused to allow them to visit. Unfortunately, the only people who are suffering are the children.

Rutherford is going to court this week to see if California is going to honor the support agreement. California is claiming they do not have jurisdiction since Kelly no longer lives there and either does her ex-husband.

As a result of the custody battle, Rutherford has declared bankruptcy.

What a nightmare for Rutherford and her children. Hopefully everything will work out the way it is supposed to and her children will be given the right to visit or live with their mother.

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