Kendra Wilkinson Fires Back At Holly Madison; Timing of Book ‘Fishy’

By on July 3, 2015
"Kendra Wilkinson Pre Oscar Party"

"Kendra Wilkinson Pre Oscar Party"

Kendra Wilkinson is seemingly in a happy place with her marriage to Hank Baskett. It seemed like they were going to have a really hard getting back to the love they had when they wed in 2009 after he admitted to “cheating” on his wife when she was pregnant with a transgender model. Since he no longer plays for the NFL, Wilkinson has become the bread-winner of the family and has released a few tell-all books, including “Sliding Into Home.” In that book, she had no problem documenting the odd sexual relationship she had when she was one of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s three girlfriends. However, that was all forgotten in 2014 during the cheating scandal when rumors swirled that Hef had invited Kendra back to the mansion.

Now, Kendra is in the spotlight regarding Playboy but it is only to attack “The Girls Next Door” co-star Holly Madison. Madison became the number one girlfriend and remained that until both she and Wilkinson departed. It has since been revealed by Holly that she and Kendra are not close and in fact, never were. With the release of Madison’s tell-all “Down the Rabbit Hole,” anyone who is anyone is jumping on the bandwagon and that includes Kendra, 30. She is on Team Hef after Holly, 35 claimed that there was a lot of drug abuse going on inside the mansion as well as mental abuse; she even talked about sleeping with the now almost ninety-year old mogul. Kendra talked to People about her feelings towards Madison and the timing of the book.


According to Wilkinson: “My intention was to tell my story. It’s pretty sad. It makes you question the timing, and it makes you wonder, ‘Wow, she wants real revenge.’ At the end of the day, true colors shine.” Kendra went on to add: “The one thing she truly wanted was a piece of that stock, a piece of Playboy and a piece of Hef’s will.” That could be disputed as Holly says in her book that she found said will, leaving her three million dollars if she still resided in the mansion upon his passing. She claims that was the final straw for her but Kendra is disputing that. “She considers herself a failure because she did whatever it took to get that and she didn’t get what she wanted in return. Hef is the most amazing human being. Behind the scenes, people that actually know the truth are laughing their asses off. This is not even real. This person is out for revenge.”

This coming from the girl who has exploited her family on a “reality” show regarding her husband’s affair which she now says was not even cheating. Who do you believe? At least Holly waited a good amount of time to be away from the mansion before she wrote her book as opposed to Kendra who wanted to cash in fairly soon after leaving. Just saying…

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