Who is Liz and Julia Nolan of Big Brother Cast Season 17?

By on July 10, 2015

Who is Liz and Julia Nolan, the twins on Big Brother Season 17.

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There is much more known about Liz Nolan since she is the person featured on the CBS website as the contestant playing on this season of Big Brother. In a twist on Big Brother, the Nolan sisters are playing the twin twist this season. The 23 year old ladies switch back and forth, without the houseguest knowing. The object is if the houseguests find out, the ladies must be eliminated by the fifth eviction ceremony or they will both be able to be part of the house.

What do we know about Liz?
Hometown: Miami
Current City: Miami
Occupation: Marketing coordinator

Likes to eat, exercise, boat and paddle boarding.

What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Sharing a bathroom/facilities. Also, being careful not to walk around naked!

What are you afraid of: The dark.

Liz is very smart and graduated graduated cum-laude, but still spends plenty of time keeping up with pop culture. When it comes to dating, Liz wears her heart on her sleeve and is a true romantic looking for love.

What do we know about Julia Nolan?
Occupation: She used to be a dental assistant but is currently a marketing intern

Julia may well be best know as the woman who was masturbated on during the live feeds. Check out the article along with the video of Jeff doing something that appears to be masturbating and wiping it on Julia’s shoulder.


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