Miley Cyrus Announced As Host of 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

By on July 20, 2015


Miley Cyrus is officially the host of this years 2015 MTV Video Music Awards…and it seems that she could not be more thrilled to have the title. The controversial singer/actress is best-known on the MTV awards show scene for getting down and dirty with Robin Thicke during a performance of “Blurred Lines.” It seemed as though some thought that the young starlet actually crossed the line when she grinded up against the now-divorced Thicke and attempted seduction with a foam finger. But if you actually watch the music video for “Blurred Lines” and yes, they still make music videos, you will see that Cyrus was only reenacting what happened in the video.

From showing her nipples on social media to dying her armpit hair pink to coming out as bisexual, viewers can expect just about anything from Miley as this years hostess with the most-ess. Miley made the grand announcement via Twitter by saying this: “MTV won’t let me perform…So I’m hosting this year’s VMAs!” And in case you were wondering if she was excited about the gig and when exactly it woyld be taking place, the twenty-two year old went on to add: “F–k yeah VMAs!!!!! on @ Aug 30 at 9pm.” This should be pretty interesting seeing as Miley has smoked pot on an awards show stage and once said that the character who made her famous “Hannah Montana” was dead.

Fans are mostly curious as to whether or not she will perform at all as a performance from Miley leaves very little to the imagination, especially since she has been hard core making out with her new alleged girlfriend Stella Maxwell for an upcoming video. Could it be for an MTV VMA video? You never know with this one and it makes the year that Lil Kim wore nothing but pasties on her nipples seem PG. What do you expect from Miley and are you excited that she is hosting the show? Let us know! I, personally, am excited to see this one go down!

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