Did Miranda Lambert Cheat on Blake Shelton?

By on July 21, 2015

Did Maranda Lambert cheat on Blake Shelton?


When the announcement was made that country singers, Blake Shelton and his wife of four years, Miranda Lambert were getting divorced, fans were upset. While the tabloids claiming there were problems with the marriage since they got married, we all stopped listening and chalked it up to another way to make a magazine sale. And then Lambert won a Country Music Award in April 2015 and thanked everyone under the sun, except for her husband, Blake Shelton. She later took to Instagram to thank her husband, but at that point it was too late. The rumors started up once again, were the couple happy? How could she forget her number one supporter, her husband?

For the past couple of years, Blake and Miranda made numerous magazine covers with allegations of cheating on both sides, but when the divorce was announced, the finger was pointed at Blake. Was he cheating on his wife?

TMZ is now reporting that Shelton was the one who pulled the plug on the marriage amid a ‘feeling’ his wife was cheating on him. Blake has suspected Miranda was cheating for months. The well known rumors that Lambert was cheating with fellow country singer Chris Young were believable enough to make him suspicious of her. Photos of Lambert and Young hanging out and looking awfully chummy emerged and were enough to make any husband jealous and upset.

Check out the complete list of people who the couple have been accused of cheating with here.

The real cause of the divorce wasn’t Young but another man, who isn’t a country singer.

Blake filed for a divorce two weeks ago was because he received information about Miranda and the other man that were believable enough to make Blake believe it was true.

The couple released a statement saying the divorce is amicable, but the fact that Blake told Miranda she had until Monday to get her animals off his Oklahoma ranch by Monday, say otherwise.

What do you think about the latest news? Do you think Miranda cheated on Blake or does it matter at this point?

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