Odd Mom Out Recap 7/13/14- Season 1, Ep.7- Sip ‘N See

By on July 13, 2015
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“Odd Mom Out” has become the must-see new scripted show from those at Bravo and tonight you will find out why. Before that, you can keep up with the┬álatest season of “The Bachelorette” where it seems that the winner may have already been revealed. On top of that, it seems like it is okay for the men to sleep around but not the women, which is pretty ridiculous. But the final two will be revealed so yay for that!


So, “Odd Mom Out” has been on for a few episodes now but that does not mean that we cannot catch you up. There are ten episodes in season one, or at least that is how many have been ordered and it is loosely based on the creator’s life. The whole premise is that the main character of Jill has to navigate the uppity mothers in the wealthy areas of New York City. I think any down-to-Earth mom can totally relate to the competition that runs rampant among moms in certain towns/cities. The series was developed about two years ago as Bravo has decided that they want to be more than just reality television. The book “Momzillas” was the inspiration for this series and the character of Jill really feels like she has to keep up with the super hip moms and when she can’t, she feels like the odd one out.

The character of Jill is actually played by the real Jill who experienced all these ups and downs in her real life so that brings the juice and excitement to the show. You’ll notice Joanna Cassidy as Jill’s mother-in-law from her role as Rose in the hit comedy “Don’t Tell Mom the Baby-Sitters Dead.” We also have Andy Buckley from “The Office” as Jill’s super successful husband so this is sure to be a winning combination. Tonight,┬áJill reluctantly throws a party for Brooke to introduce her newborn daughter to everyone. Meanwhile, Candace (Cassidy) consumes painkillers and cocktails, sending her on a hazy walk on New York’s streets while Andy is overwhelmed by the excessive perks of his new job.

Keep reading to see how this all plays out!

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